Are there Different Types of Medical Blister Cards?

Because there are so many different types of uses, needs, and industries that benefit from the utilization of medication blister cards, numerous different kinds of cards are designed, developed, and issued, depending on the need. Industries and businesses that have a need for medication blister cards include long term care facilities, retirement centers, correctional facilities,…

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Finding the Best Pharmacy Labels

The need for pharmacy labels is an obvious staple for medical buildings, pharmacy locations, and essentially anywhere prescriptions are provided. The correct printing, labeling, descriptions, and detailing of information is of extreme importance, as any misunderstanding of the label, or miscalculation of the intended dosage could lead to dire consequences for the customer taking the…

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Using Blister Pill Cards to Improve Medication Therapy Management

A recent medical survey showed that Medicare patients who were evaluated and determined to be low risk, and entered home stabilized health care and received medication therapy management were much less likely to be hospitalized within the next several months. However, those patients who were evaluated and determined to be at a greater risk received…

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