Using Blister Pill Cards to Improve Medication Therapy Management

medication therapy managementA recent medical survey showed that Medicare patients who were evaluated and determined to be low risk, and entered home stabilized health care and received medication therapy management were much less likely to be hospitalized within the next several months. However, those patients who were evaluated and determined to be at a greater risk received little, to no benefit from medication therapy management, according to the same study, which was conducted at Purdue University. Purdue University medical professionals put forth this study to help determine which patients benefit most from medication therapy management, while at the same time optimizing a method of identifying high versus low risk patients through a standardized risk score.

Medication Therapy Management

Medication therapy management is a medical care service provided by pharmacists that assists in the evaluation of medications prescribed. It also follows how a patient subsequently feels and reacts to the prescribed medication in both the short and long term. Medication therapy management helps identify and resolve potential medication issues such as:

  • untreated conditions that persist
  • initially unforeseeable drug interactions
  • adverse drug reactions once treatment commences
  • inappropriately ingested drugs or doses
  • whether a patient is correctly taking the medications as prescribe

Medication therapy management maximizes accurate patient assessment, offers a more comprehensive medication review, and helps with formulating a more effective medication treatment plan.

Using Blister Pill Cards

Using blister pill cards can help improve medication therapy management. For at home patients currently under medication therapy management, these blisters can help with organizing the correct dosage of medication to be taken, each and every day, and at the appropriate time. Using blister pill cards allows patients to place their needed medication in pockets that can be labeled with the necessary dosage amount, type of prescribed drug, along with the date and time the dosage needs to be taken.

home-care-kitThe fact is, at home, high-risk patients with prescriptions often forget to take their medication and/or take the wrong amount. This negatively effects medication therapy management. The induction of blister pill cards will help improve overall medication therapy management.

Looking to Reduce Medication Errors?

Drug Package, Inc. can help reduce medication errors with medication blister cards. These economically designed blister cards are manufactured to be easy to fill with simple instructions to follow. Patients will organize their medications so that the proper dosage will be taken at the proper time. There is also room to make notes of any side effects or conditions that occurred before or after the dosage. Call Drug Package today at 1-800-325-6137 to get details.

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