Automatic Tablet Counter – TM-1 Pill Counter for Pharmacy Automation

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Tm-1 Automated Tablet Counter

Is your Pharmacy Still Counting Pills Manually?

Well it’s time to stop that! Drug Package is proud to introduce the TM-1 counter! Developed and designed to improve efficiency within the pharmacy, pharmacists were instrumental in helping the design team create the best automated counting system. Through this collaboration with pharmacists, the design team recognized many of the pharmacy needs had not yet been accomplished with existed automated counters already on the market. Our manufacturer seized upon this opportunity to create an automated pill counter for pharmacy that would deliver and answer the true needs without compromising pharmacy operations. The resounding expectations were: speed, accuracy, cost, reliability and ease of use. The industry was becoming increasingly competitive, so it was imperative the counter truly aided pharmacies in their day-to-day operations. With a clear set of initial requirements for the counter, Teller Metrics developed an initial proof of principle system and presented it to a select group of pharmacies for evaluation. Early feedback from customers was very positive and confirmed the system truly delivers on expectations.

automated-pill-counterKey features include:

  • Fastest Counter
  • Industry Leading Accuracy
  • Compact Size
  • Quick Cleaning
  • Secure Workflow
  • Laser Scanning Sensor
  • Counts Translucent Gel Caps
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Capacitive Touch Button
  • Two Year Warranty & More!

Drug Package, LLC is always searching for ways to help improve pharmacy operations. If you would like more information about the TM-1 automated tablet counter, download the product catalog here or call our friendly service professionals today for details (800-325-6137)!



Benefits of Using Blister Pack Medication at Home

Blister packaging for medication (a.k.a. blister cards) isn’t a new product. Responsible for its remarkable staying power is its ability to promote medication adherence in various ways, depending on the design of the blister card.

Nursing homes commonly dispense blister pack medication to inpatients. Taking blister pack medication at home offers many of the same benefits that make medication administers prefer blister packs: easy to use, indication of missing pills, easy to see when refills are needed, and simplified multi dosing.

Easy to Use

Replenishing the blister pack is simple:

  • Place the blister card in a filling tray
  • Fill blisters with medicine from prescription vials
  • Peel away liner paper to reveal pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Fold over foil-backed left side of medication booklet
  • Apply roller pressure to seal back

Clearly Indicates Missing Pills

Because blister pack meds taken at the same are contained in individual blisters, it’s easy to see when a blister has been tampered with. When someone removes a few pills from a vial that contains a 30-day supply, it’s not as easy to notice. Using blister pack medication at home may help prevent anyone in the home — besides the patient — from taking the medication.

Indicates When Refills are Needed

Compared to using pill vials, using blister pack medication at home makes it easier to see when refills are needed. Patients know that every used blister moves them closer to a refill, and the need to request a refill on short order is apparent when only a few blisters are left.

Simplifies Multidosing

Patients who take multiple medications simultaneously — sometimes more than once a day — can dramatically simplify their medication regimen by having the pills placed in a single, large blister. Removing the need to open several pill vials reduces the barrier to medication adherence. The easier medication is to take; the more likely patients are to take it properly.

See Our Multi-Med Home Kit

Using the Multi-Med Home Care Kit from Drug Package, LLC, offers the benefits above, and more. The kit is easy to understand, easy to use, easy to track, and is tamper evident.

In addition, on the inside cover that closes over the blisters, there is ample room to record crucial notes. This feature can be used to communicate detailed information about prescriptions that’s easy to forget, such as advice pharmacist supplies through medication counseling.

To learn more about our Multi-Med Home Care Kit and the benefits of using blister pack medication at home, call us today at (800) 325-6137, or reach us through our contact form. We look forward to supplying blister packaging that encourages medication adherence.


Short Cycle Medication Cards: 4 Applications for Pharmacies

Short cycle medication cards are used for prescriptions that are taken for a short period of time — generally no longer than three weeks. In many cases, short cycle meds are taken for less than two weeks, which presents pharmacies with a medication dispensing issue: Should the drugs be dispensed in standard prescription vials, even the smallest of which would be oversized for the number of pills inside; or should they be dispensed in a different container, one designed to hold only a few pills?

The answer depends on how many short cycle medications a pharmacy dispenses and how often they’re dispensed. With that said, most pharmacies have at least four prescription filling applications that would be well-served by short cycle medication cards.

  1. Antivirals

Short-cycle-medication-cardsAntiviral medications are prescribed for several types of viruses, the most common being the seasonal flu. One of the front line medications for flu treatment is Tamiflu, which is generally prescribed for no longer than ten days, with the patient taking one capsule per day. Our medication card featuring 7 or 14 blisters is a sensible solution for packaging the pills.

  1. Opioids

Authorities across the nation are cracking down on what law enforcement and substance abuse counselors are calling an “epidemic” of opioid prescription abuse. Doing their part to combat the problem, physicians are prescribing opioids in the shortest possible courses.

If you have a wisdom tooth removed, you’re likely to get about three days’ worth of Tylenol with codeine instead of the more generous five days’ worth that once seemed standard. The goal is to prevent extra pills from sitting in the medicine cabinet, where they can easily be stolen.

In addition to being ideal for short courses of opioids, a short cycle medication card also makes it easy for the prescription holder to see if pills have been removed by someone else.

  1. Benzodiazepines

Like opioids, benzodiazepines are an embattled class of medications due to their potential for abuse. However, for many decades now, the drugs have been viewed as short-term solutions for anxiety and insomnia, while patients with epilepsy may take a “benzo” long-term.

Unless they prescribe it for seizures, many medical professionals feel that a benzodiazepine shouldn’t be taken for more than two weeks straight, making short cycle medication cards an excellent option for dispensing the meds when they are prescribed short-term.

  1. Trial Medications

When a medication has prominent side effects that occur regularly, it’s not uncommon for the patient to start taking it in low doses for a short period of time. This type of prescribing is perfect for a short cycle medication card. If the medicine works out, the patient can move forward and receive a larger prescription. If not, at least there won’t be lots of unused medication leftover.

About Drug Package

Drug Package, LLC, has over 136 years of experience in providing prescription packaging and other products to pharmacies, hospitals, doctor offices, and urgent care facilities. To inquire about our short cycle medication cards, call us today at (800) 325-6137, or use our contact form. We look forward to presenting packaging solutions that add integrity to your short cycle medication dispensing needs.


Medication Packaging: Patient Populations That Need Blister Cards

Blisters cards for medication packaging feature a well-designed, sealed compartment that houses a patient’s daily medication. Such packaging provides a simple organizational method that can be beneficial in developing a medication routine. Some patients would rather receive prescriptions in traditional medicine vials instead of blister packaging, but there are also patients who prefer blister packaging for some very important reasons. The following patient populations stand to benefit greatly from receiving prescriptions in blister packs.

Patients With Memory Problems

Several conditions can cause memory problems, including dementia, anterograde amnesia from head injuries, and the best-known memory thief of all, Alzheimer’s disease.

Some memory loss conditions are so severe that someone besides the patient must administer the medication. But patients with minor or early-stage memory loss can often manage their dosing regimen with the help of blister medication packaging.

Blisters that identify the dosing schedule using days of the month and, if necessary, times of day show patients exactly when to take medication, and whether medicine for a particular day or time has been taken.

Polypharmacy Patients

Polypharmacy is when a patient takes four or more medications concurrently. Due to medication side effects and the lower chance of medication adherence when multiple medications are taken, many physicians consider polypharmacy an unfortunate situation that should happen only if necessary. In many cases, the need for multiple medications is obvious.

Blister medication packaging can help this patient population achieve medication adherence by placing medication in blister cards, to organize the daily dosage needs.

Patients with Complex Dosing Schedules

Complex dosing schedules are often created by polypharmacy, but taking only one or two medications can also present a complex regimen. For example, it isn’t uncommon for patients starting an energizing antidepressant to take the medicine in the morning, and take a low dose of an anti-anxiety med three times a day until they acclimate to the effect of the primary medication.

Blister cards can simplify complex dosing schedules by listing the date and time when each dose of medication should be taken, making it easier for patients to stay medication adherent during a crucial period of time: When they are adjusting to new medications and dosing schedules.

Need Blister Medication Packaging?  

The type of medication packaging your pharmacy uses can have a significant impact on different patient populations.  For assistance choosing medication packaging that helps your pharmacy serve customers at the highest level, call us today at (800) 325-6137, or reach us through our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you choose the right solution!


Patriotic Pharmacy Bags: A Summer Marketing Opportunity for Pharmacies

U.S. residents widely celebrate 11 major holidays a year, with Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Easter, and Independence Day (a.k.a. Fourth of July) rounding out the top five occasions that are celebrated by the most people. In 2017, Easter and Mother’s Day have already passed us by, leaving businesses who perform seasonal marketing campaigns to prepare for the next big holiday on the horizon: Independence Day.

Using Patriotism to Promote Your Pharmacy

The Fourth of July is more than a significant date in our nation’s history; it’s a festive interlude in the middle of summer when people make purchases in celebration of American patriotism. But a business doesn’t have to sell fireworks or party supplies to get in on the action.

Wikipedia amusingly notes that Independence Day is “best known for fireworks and barbecues”. From a commercial standpoint, it’s true. The 45% of Americans who claim to celebrate the Fourth of July spend nearly $700 million on fireworks alone. They also commonly buy products that feature celebratory themes or are connected to businesses that make a point of calling out the holiday in a patriotic fashion.

With the help of promotional, patriotic pharmacy bags from Drug Package, LLC, your pharmacy can be among the businesses that profit from calling attention to the holiday that most symbolizes our nation’s independence and the floodgate of international success that followed after we courageously set out on our own.

Patriotic Pharmacy Bags: What do You Get?

We offer a great selection of bottle size pharmacy bags that feature rich, pre-printed, patriotic graphics in our nation’s most classic patriotic colors: red, white, and blue. We also offer a unique bag design that features the official seals for different branches of the U.S. military.

All 12 bag designs come in the same dimensions — 5” x 2” x 10” — and feature a square bottom that supports up to 6 pounds, or a bottom that has the traditional, one-seam seal. Examples of products you can dispense in these patriotic pharmacy bags include but aren’t limited to:

  • Blister cards
  • Prescription vials
  • Foodstuffs in small containers
  • Bottles of drinkables
  • OTC medicinal products
  • Cosmetics
  • Small products near the point-of-sale
  • Behind the counter goods

The type of patriotic pharmacy bags you choose and how your pharmacy uses them is up to you. Drug Package, LLC, is here to provide you with readymade bags your business can use to help work its seasonal marketing magic. With the Fourth of July roughly a month away, now is a great time to start creating marketing synergy between your pharmacy’s products and its patriotic passion.

Contact Us Today

To get your patriotic pharmacy bags, order straight from our store, or call us at (800) 325-6137. You can also reach out by sending us an email through our contact form. We have over 136 years of experience in supplying best-in-class products that benefit pharmacies and their customers. Independence Day is almost here. Put our expertise to work for your pharmacy today!



Marking a Milestone with Wayne Menne

It’s remarkable to think that Wayne Menne applied for a job with us over 50 years ago, but we are so happy he did! At the young age of 17, Wayne walked through our doors and took a job that turned into a career. Today, when people change jobs more often than they update their cell phone carrier, we are so happy to mark this milestone, and celebrate Wayne’s 50 years of loyal service with Drug Package, LLC.

Hired in the shipping room to pack orders, Wayne then moved to the Bindery Department to cut stock for the presses on the guillotine cutter. From there he moved to the Prep Department to perform layout work for the offset presses. He then returned to the Bindery Department to run the collator, and then moved to the leather press area to run a Miehle press. In 1979 he went to the Flexo Department to run a 5 color Manhasset press and stayed there for 10 years. He spent the next 14 years running the Didde presses in the Offset Department. Then in 2003, he moved back to the Flexo Department to run the Aqua Flex. Wayne has been a supervisor on the night shift for over 20 years.

Wayne likes working here because he’s never missed a paycheck in 50 years!!!

“Right after I started in the shipping room, a co-worker sent me to the maintenance dept to find a box stretcher, that didn’t exist.  This was a tradition to send new people to the maintenance dept to ask the supervisor for a box stretcher.  It didn’t sound right but what did I know at 17 years old,” said Wayne

We congratulate Wayne on his success, and are so grateful for 50 years of dedicated service he has provided to our company. Thank you Wayne — we are looking forward to the next 50 years!

Deb Hilderbrand Celebrates 45 Years with Drug Package, LLC

We are so lucky that 45 years ago Deb Hilderbrand decided to apply for a job with us! Having an employee like Deb for 45 years is one of the key ingredients that has allowed Drug Package, LLC to grow and prosper. We are grateful Deb made the decision to begin her career with us, and even happier she stayed.

Deb Hilderbrand started with Drug Package, LLC on May 31, 1972, at the age of 18. Hired as a typist, entering orders on gel machines, she eventually moved on to proof reading orders. Next on her stop was the Commission Department, typing commission sheets. When computers entered the workplace, this job became obsolete, but Deb was transferred to the Sales Department and tasked with managing wholesale accounts, chain accounts, and key accounts. Her vast company knowledge and experience has made Deb a key accounts manager for over 20 years.

“I always try my best, the customer comes first.  I love my job.  I talk to a lot of people every day and customers across the US have become my friends. It’s not all about the money, 45 years ago I started at $1.70/hr, it’s about the lifelong friends you make.  That’s why I stay,” said Deb Hilderbrand.

Forty-five years of service is certainly rare and something to be extremely proud of. We are happy to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment with Deb. Thank you Deb, and congratulations on many jobs well done through the years!

Independent (1099) Sales Reps

Currently Seeking – Independent (1099) Sales Reps

  • Are you currently calling on retail pharmacies? or Long-Term Care facilities?
  • Do you have a current book of business?
  • Are you’re looking to enhance your business with a revenue stream from a non-competing line that offers uncapped commissions and earnings potential?
  • Are you an independent, persuasive, proactive, fast-paced, tenacious self-starter?
  • Do you want to offer your current relationships more products and a new path to service excellence, or greater income potential?
  • Are you exploring new opportunities & want to add to/replace products in your current “bag”?

Come Grow with US!

If you’ve seen a product in a pharmacy, we either produce it, or supply it! 

As an industry leader, Drug Package offers:

  • Very lucrative commissions with Routine, Prompt Payments  (top reps earn over 6 figures)
  • Protected Territories with Expansion Opportunities
  • Full Product Training and Inside Support from Customer Service, Logistics and Management
  • The ability to fill gaps in your market by adding new products to our current assortment

If the above sounds like you, let’s start a conversation today!

More information.

Call me direct at # 636-385-6917, or Inquire via Email at


Medication Adherence: What it is and Why it Matters

When patients receive a prescription from a responsible physician, they get the medicine in the strength and on the dosage schedule required for optimal treatment. However, unless patients are in the hospital and taking medication under watch, whether they adhere to pharmaceutical treatment is up to them.

Those who don’t adhere — willfully or otherwise — frequently experience negative health outcomes. The condition the medication is prescribed to treat often becomes more severe. It seems that every patient whose health relies on medication would be careful to avoid a negative outcome by practicing medication adherence. But statistics from health authorities show non-adherence is more pervasive than some think.

According to a recent report from the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM), “Nonadherence to medications is estimated to cause 125,000 deaths annually [in the U.S.]… Overall, about 20% to 50% of patients are nonadherent to medical therapy”.

The situation is stressful for patients, as well as their doctors. In all but the most critical health situations, physicians don’t “force feed” medications. In most cases, the most they can do is hope patients who waver in and out of adherence — or who are non-adherent from the start — adopt a new philosophy of self-care, one that involves medication adherence to improve health.

Reasons for Non-Adherence

Reasons for medication non-adherence range from how patients personally feel about taking pharmaceuticals to group traits that apply to the non-adherent patient population at large. According to the ACPM, some of the most common reasons for medication non-adherence are:

  • Limited English language proficiency
  • High drug costs, copayments, or both
  • Severity of prescription side effects
  • Complex medication regimen
  • Lack of knowledge about the health problem

These are just a few of the many predictors of non-compliance, but they reveal an important characteristic of all non-compliance predictors: Some factors can be addressed by solutions from parties in the healthcare process, while other factors must be addressed by patients.

For example, patients must decide if they can afford a medication, and whether they can tolerate bothersome side effects. However, complex medication regimens and a lack of knowledge can be addressed with simple blister packaging.

At Drug Package, LLC we specialize in providing these solutions and others to promote medication adherence that benefits the health of patients and the bottom line of medication providers. Our solutions are designed with you and your customers in mind to support good health outcomes.

About Our Company

Drug Package, LLC has over 136 years of experience in supplying pharmacies, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and doctor offices with innovative packaging, cutting edge labeling technology, custom printed products, and more. All of our medication-related solutions can be customized to promote medication adherence, while maintaining the integrity of your brand and business.

To inquire about our products and services that support medication adherence, please call us today at (800) 625-6137, or use our contact form to send us an email. We look forward to serving you!

DosePlanner Software

DosePlanner Software: Offering Pharmacies a Competitive Edge

DosePlanner™ is software designed to enhance productivity for pharmacies using blister packaging for prescriptions. DosePlanner™ will help manage your clients using adherence/compliance prescription packaging. Easily organize clients individually or by groups. Reduce errors and keep prescription information up to date with interfaces into your pharmacy management systems.

Integrating the software with an automated prescription filling system helps pharmacies reduce errors and gain a competitive edge in several ways. For Drug Package, LLC customers across the U.S., this “edge” is comprised by the following benefits of the software, among others.

  1. Optimizes Label Use

The software saves money by reducing the need for labels. For example, instead of requiring separate production runs to create labels for our Multi-Med® Home Care Cards, the software can print a single label that contains multiple prescriptions.

DosePlanner software is optimized for use with forms and labels from Drug Package, LLC. In addition to reducing labels for the Multi-Med® Home Care Cards, the software makes label use more efficient for our Standard, Extra Large and Jumbo Controlled Dose Blister Card. DosePlanner will optimize your patient medications placement to use less cards! If you use a large volume of blister card labels, the software can deliver an attractive return-on-investment (ROI) due to reduced label use.

  1. Saves Time

As your volume of blister cards grows, filling these cards manually can take hours a day. DosePlanner will be able to grow with you from a manual operation to a semi-automated or fully automated operation. This will help you save time by automating redundant processes and also maintaining a familiar interface for controlling the packaging operation.

  1. Photo I.D. Option

DosePlanner ID LabelDosePlanner software removes human error from the pill counting process, but it doesn’t remove the potential to mistakenly fill a prescription for the wrong person. For example, pharmacist who’s exceptionally busy might access the wrong patient record due to similar patient names in the system.

The software helps prevent this situation by letting you attach a photo I.D. to patient records. This feature benefits pharmacies at large but is especially helpful for pharmacies that serve nursing homes. Many nursing home residents lack the awareness to point out prescription errors. Attaching a photo I.D. to their record helps ensure they get the right meds.

  1. User-Friendly

The advantages above depend on the user-friendliness of DosePlanner software. Learning to use the program involves a small learning curve and favors practically anyone familiar with the basic aspects of using software applications (e.g., filling in data fields, clicking command functions, selecting options from drop-down lists, etc.). The software is easy to understand and requires minimal training.

Learn More Today

The factors above are among the many advantages DosePlanner software offers pharmacies. To explore the full range of benefits, check out the DosePlanner catalogue page on our website, call us today at (800) 325-6137, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to assisting you!