AmeriCarts Long Term Care Medication Carts

AmericaCarts long term care medication carts are perfect for any medical or care facility that is looking for a safe and easy to use system to deliver prescriptions to patients. In care facilities where patients have their medication administered to them on a daily basis by staff, it is important that the carts carrying the medication are secured, easy to use, and well organized. These are three key elements that you will want to have in whatever medication carts you use in order to keep your patients safe, and your medicine distribution process efficient. When you use Americarts long term care medication carts, you will receive all of these benefits and more.

Benefits of Americarts Long Term Care Medication Carts:

  • Safety Locks – These medication carts have an auto locking door that is easy to use and does not require codes or complicated mechanisms. This auto locking system simply locks the door to your medications when the door is not in use. This prevents anyone who should not have access to these prescriptions, from being able to use or abuse medication outside of regular distribution, keeping patients safe.
  • Storage and Organization – Americarts stand 42.5 inches tall and are equipped with 10-inch-deep drawers for maximum capacity. The carts also come with adjustable dividers and separate storage areas for liquid medications, allowing you to easily organize and find medications.
  • Convenience – There are many add-ons that are available for carts to make use convenient and efficient. Options like attachable waste baskets, lockers, book holders, light attachments and more can be added to your cart so that you have everything you need, at your fingertips, when delivering medications.

Shopping for Long Term Care Medication Carts?

If you are interested in using Americarts long term care medication carts, contact Drug Package today! Drug Package is a trusted medical and pharmacy supply provider, with over a century of knowledge and experience to help you find the best tools for your practice.