Are there Different Types of Medical Blister Cards?

medical-blister-cardBecause there are so many different types of uses, needs, and industries that benefit from the utilization of medication blister cards, numerous different kinds of cards are designed, developed, and issued, depending on the need. Industries and businesses that have a need for medication blister cards include long term care facilities, retirement centers, correctional facilities, and home care – to name a few. Therefore, companies that design and develop blister cards, such as Drug Package, Inc., are constantly developing new types that offer different kinds of pill containment options. In fact, Drug Package Inc. leads the way in the design and manufacturing of easy to fill, reasonably priced medication blister cards. Drug Package offers both one and two piece Heat Seal Medication Cards, as well as a one piece Cold Seal Medication Cards, in a customer’s choice of either clear or light resistant amber blisters, along with a wide range of blister counts. These counts including seven, fourteen, twenty-eight, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, sixty, sixty-two, and a ninety count. If you notice a pattern, it is because Drug Package Inc. designs medical blister cards with usual set periods in mind, such as a per week, bi-weekly, per month, bi-monthly, and every three month basis. In addition, by providing a variety of blister sizes, the medical blister cards are able to accommodate single tablets of any size, or even multiple medications, where regulations permit.

Drug Package, Inc. offers a complete line of Medication Card Labels, Healthcare Provider Labels, as well as Filling and Sealing Equipment for both Cold Seal and Heat Seal Medication Cards and auxiliary supplies. The following is a list of the types of medical blister cards offered by Drug Package:

  • Cold Seal one piece and controlled unit dose cards, along with a multi medication home care kit.
  • Heat Seal one piece and two piece cards.
  • Short Cycle Medication Cards.
  • Personalized Medication Cards.
  • Cold Sealing Equipment Devices.
  • Safe Seal Rx Heat Sealing and Maxx Press Heat Sealing Equipment Machines.
  • Medical Aid Accessories, Medication Forms, and Dose Planner Software.

For more detailed information regarding the types of medical blister cards, equipment, devices, machines, accessories, forms and software provided by Drug Package Inc., you can find downloadable .pdf documents that will more thoroughly explain the product information mentioned in this blog. You can also contact the company, and speak with a representative who will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.