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Quality Supplier of Blister Cards and Laser Labels for SynMed® Machines

SynMed® machines are used to automatically package medication into blister packs with speed and efficiency. If you are looking for blister cards and coordinating laser labels for SynMed® machines, Drug Package LLC produces laser labels and six different sized blister cards that are compatible with SynMed® Machines. SynMed® machines work with your pharmacy’s management system […]

What To Know When Shopping for LTC Medication Carts

Portable long term care medication carts (LTC medication carts) are most commonly used in long term care facilities to distribute medicine to patients. When shopping for medication carts for your business, you want to be sure your carts are durable, easy to use, and allow you to safely distribute prescriptions and other medication to your […]

Where To Find Pharmacy Supply Deals

Finding good pharmacy supply deals is important for your business. Whether you are looking for paper products, bags, labels, or tools, you want to be sure you are receiving good quality products without breaking the bank. At Drug Package LLC, we regularly update our pharmacy deals page with various discounted pharmacy supply products and close […]

Is Your Pharmacy Switching Labels?

Using high quality labels to mark prescription bottles and pill packs is vitally important to every pharmacy. Pharmacy labels not only ensure that your patients and customers receive the right medicine and dosage, but they also provide important instructions for use that keep consumers safe. If your pharmacy is considering switching labels, you want to […]

Importance of Quality Laser Labels for Pharmacy

When deciding on what pharmacy labels to use for prescription bottles, and pill packs, important factors to consider are durability, ease of reading, and strength of adhesive, all of which are characteristics of high quality laser labels for pharmacy. Pharmacy labels are essential to providing customers and patients with pertinent information about their prescriptions, such […]

Why Are High Quality Pharmacy Label Supplies Important?

Pharmacy label supplies, such as thermal printed labels or laser printed labels, are necessary materials for businesses in the pharmaceutical and medical fields.  These labels are used to mark prescription bottles and medicine packages to ensure patients receive the correct medicine and dosage, as well as provide instructions for use. This is important for the […]

Why Use Custom Holiday Pharmacy Bags

If you have a pharmacy business, you are familiar with the use of pharmacy bags. Countless pharmacy bags leave you practice every day containing your customer’s prescriptions. So why not use your pharmacy bags to catch your customer’s eye, and leave a lasting impression with custom holiday pharmacy bags this season. Decorative bags are a […]

The Importance of a Quality Pharmacy Product Supplier

Businesses such as pharmacies, medical practices, and long term care facilities can all benefit from partnering with a reliable pharmacy products supplier. Items like prescription labels, pill packs, medicine cards, prescription pads, medicine bags, and prescription file cabinets, are all essential tools for providing top of the line care to your customers. Having a trusted […]