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FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer In Stock

Are you having trouble finding bulk hand sanitizer in stock that is FDA approved? During this current covid-19 pandemic, it is periodically hard to find the hand sanitizer that you need, in stock, ready to purchase and ship. Hand sanitizer is crucial to protecting your employees and patrons as businesses begin to reopen, so you […]

FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer for Pharmacy Use

As pharmacies start to return to normal hours and capacity, you will want to have a reliable and large supply of FDA approved hand sanitizer for pharmacy use on hand at all times. Hand sanitizer plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of covid-19 by reducing the sharing of germs and contaminating communal surfaces. […]

Hand Sanitizer Supplier

If you are looking for a bulk hand sanitizer supplier that can provide you with FDA approved hand sanitizer, to help keep your place of business safe during this pandemic, Drug Package can help. Hand sanitizer plays a vital role in the fight against covid-19, and it is very important for any business looking to […]

Where to Buy Hand Antiseptic Bulk Supplies

Hand antiseptic bulk orders are in high demand as businesses are reopening and taking all the precautions they can to keep their employees and patrons safe. One of the most important precautions you can take is to have hand antiseptic readily available throughout your facility or office. This allows for your employees, customers, and visitors […]

Where to Buy Wholesale Hand Sanitizer

Wholesale hand sanitizer is in high demand as pharmacies, offices, and medical practices start to get back to normal business hours. It is recommended that hand sanitizer is readily available for use in high traffic areas, especially when it may be difficult for someone to readily get to soap and water to wash their hands. […]

Hand Sanitizer Bulk Supply

As businesses and schools begin to reopen, hand sanitizer in bulk supplies are becoming more and more sought after. Whether you are needing bulk supplies of individual bottles of hand sanitizer to place around your office, or large gallon jugs to refill dispensers, Drug Package can quickly supply you hand sanitizer bulk orders. As we […]

FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer In Stock

During this covid-19 pandemic it has been hard to find hand sanitizer from time to time, and sometimes even harder to find FDA approved hand sanitizers. According to the guidelines set out by the FDA, liquid hand sanitizers must contain at least 60% alcohol and contain the thickening agent Glycerine 99.7% USP to be considered […]

Thank You Frontline Hero Bags

Health care workers have been working tirelessly on the frontlines of this pandemic, and we owe them all the thanks for their continued services, which can be demonstrated with our new frontline hero bags. Our frontline hero pharmacy and thank you bags not only demonstrate your support for health care workers in the design, but […]