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Are the Number of Independent Pharmacies Growing?

For several years, it has been status quo to visit chain pharmacies to obtain prescriptions at lower costs, but are the tides beginning to shift in the favor of independent providers? Large retail chains seem to be losing customers due to lack of service and order fulfillment problems. However, consumers are choosing smaller businesses for […]

Spanish Holiday Pharmacy Bags: Is Your Business Ready to Spread a Little Cheer?

Is your pharmacy ready for the upcoming festive celebrations? For many customers, the holidays are special time where they celebrate with family and friends. By taking measures to join in on the festivities, you can be certain that everyone walking through the door feels happy and is more inclined to provide their business. Spanish holiday […]

Help for Our Customers in Hurricane Torn, Puerto Rico

To Our Beloved Pharmacy Label Customers in Puerto Rico… We cannot imagine the devastation you have experienced from the recent hurricanes and storms. Our hearts go out to you and our prayers are with you. We recognize it is anything but, “busy as usual,” and things will be slow going for you, for some time […]

Pill Packaging Machines: 4 Benefits for Retail Pharmacies

Pill packaging machines are an example of how automated technology can have a significant impact on the retail pharmacy industry. Properly programmed, the equipment can dramatically reduce turnaround time for filling prescriptions and offer other important benefits. As for what those other benefits are, it depends mainly on the make and model of the pill […]