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Easy Fill Medication Cards

Medication cards also known as blister packs, are used to provide consumers with medication in durable, secure, packaging that is easy to read and use. Drug Package’s innovative two-piece medication card design is easy to fill and just as easy for consumers to use and keep track of their medication. Drug Package’s two-piece, tri-fold, medication […]

What Is Important To Look For in Good Rx Labels?

If you are shopping for Rx labels for your pharmacy or medical practice, there are a few key characteristics that are important for your labels to have. Most importantly any Rx labels you purchase should be durable and easy to read. Pharmaceutical labels for prescription bottles and pill packs ensure safety for your customers. These […]

Why Are High Quality Pharmacy Labeling Products Important?

High quality pharmacy labeling products are necessary products for successful pharmacies and other offices that issue prescription medicines. The importance of a good label goes much deeper than appearance. While a good looking label is important, it is also very important that labels are durable, easy to read and can be customized for your business […]

Pharmacy Auxiliary Labels: Custom Labels That Support Good Health Outcomes

Pharmacy auxiliary labels are adhesive labels that are applied to prescription vials along with adhesive prescription labels to communicate important information about prescriptions to patients. Unlike prescription labels, which cover most of the prescription vial, auxiliary labels are typically small, colorful labels that provide crucial warnings and instructions to patients using as few words as […]

Using a Medication Blister Pack: Four Rarely Mentioned Advantages

Blister packaging is used to contain everything from batteries to toys, but one of its most discussed applications continues to be its use for packaging prescription medications. Because blister packaging can be designed to make medication easier to take as prescribed, it plays a significant role in improving patient health outcomes, and thus helps to […]

Affordable Advertising with Pharmacy Customized Items

If your pharmacy business uses products like prescription labels, medicine bags, padded mailers, or other generic paper products, you should be taking advantage of the blank spaces on these products to advertise with pharmacy customized items. Drug Package LLC prints many customizable paper products for pharmacy uses that can be specifically branded for your businesses […]