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Using a Medication Blister Pack: Four Rarely Mentioned Advantages

Blister packaging is used to contain everything from batteries to toys, but one of its most discussed applications continues to be its use for packaging prescription medications. Because blister packaging can be designed to make medication easier to take as prescribed, it plays a significant role in improving patient health outcomes, and thus helps to […]

Affordable Advertising with Pharmacy Customized Items

If your pharmacy business uses products like prescription labels, medicine bags, padded mailers, or other generic paper products, you should be taking advantage of the blank spaces on these products to advertise with pharmacy customized items. Drug Package LLC prints many customizable paper products for pharmacy uses that can be specifically branded for your businesses […]

Pharmacy Hanging Prescription Bags: Why Size Matters

Before pharmacy customers purchase prescriptions, the medicine is placed in paper bags, which are generally stored in one of two ways: inside clear bags that hang on a rack, or inside prescription bins that have cubby holes. Here, we focus on the former method of prescription storage, and discuss three reasons why the size of […]

Where to Shop for Multi Use Padded Mailers

Padded mailers can be used to pack and ship a variety of items. Commonly used for pharmaceutical purposes to ship medications or pharmaceutical tools, padded mailers can also be used to safely ship various types of items like eyeglasses, computer parts, and other delicate products. If you have a business that regularly uses padded mailers […]

What Are Blister Packs?

Many types of packaging have been used in industries like pharmaceutical or toys to market and sell products. One common type seen throughout stores is blister packs. These casings are made from pre-formed plastic, which is molded and heat or cold sealed over a piece of printed cardboard. Medication casings are one of the most […]

Finding the Best Pharmacy Labels

The need for pharmacy labels is an obvious staple for medical buildings, pharmacy locations, and essentially anywhere prescriptions are provided. The correct printing, labeling, descriptions, and detailing of information is of extreme importance, as any misunderstanding of the label, or miscalculation of the intended dosage could lead to dire consequences for the customer taking the […]