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Medication Packaging: Patient Populations That Need Blister Cards

Blisters cards for medication packaging feature a well-designed, sealed compartment that houses a patient’s daily medication. Such packaging provides a simple organizational method that can be beneficial in developing a medication routine. Some patients would rather receive prescriptions in traditional medicine vials instead of blister packaging, but there are also patients who prefer blister packaging […]

Marking a Milestone with Wayne Menne

It’s remarkable to think that Wayne Menne applied for a job with us over 50 years ago, but we are so happy he did! At the young age of 17, Wayne walked through our doors and took a job that turned into a career. Today, when people change jobs more often than they update their […]

Independent (1099) Sales Reps

Currently Seeking – Independent (1099) Sales Reps Are you currently calling on retail pharmacies? or Long-Term Care facilities? Do you have a current book of business? Are you’re looking to enhance your business with a revenue stream from a non-competing line that offers uncapped commissions and earnings potential? Are you an independent, persuasive, proactive, fast-paced, […]

Medication Adherence: What it is and Why it Matters

When patients receive a prescription from a responsible physician, they get the medicine in the strength and on the dosage schedule required for optimal treatment. However, unless patients are in the hospital and taking medication under watch, whether they adhere to pharmaceutical treatment is up to them. Those who don’t adhere — willfully or otherwise […]

DosePlanner Software: Offering Pharmacies a Competitive Edge

DosePlanner™ is software designed to enhance productivity for pharmacies using blister packaging for prescriptions. DosePlanner™ will help manage your clients using adherence/compliance prescription packaging. Easily organize clients individually or by groups. Reduce errors and keep prescription information up to date with interfaces into your pharmacy management systems. Integrating the software with an automated prescription filling […]

Features of our Two Piece Cold Seal Blister Cards

Learn about the features and benefits of our Two Piece Cold Seal Blister Card below.      1. Numbered Blisters Our standard two piece cold seal cards have 31 numbered blisters — one for each day of the month. Patients start with blister 31 and move down, making it easy to see whether they’ve taken their […]