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What Are Blister Packs?

Many types of packaging have been used in industries like pharmaceutical or toys to market and sell products. One common type seen throughout stores is blister packs. These casings are made from pre-formed plastic, which is molded and heat or cold sealed over a piece of printed cardboard. Medication casings are one of the most […]

Finding the Best Pharmacy Labels

The need for pharmacy labels is an obvious staple for medical buildings, pharmacy locations, and essentially anywhere prescriptions are provided. The correct printing, labeling, descriptions, and detailing of information is of extreme importance, as any misunderstanding of the label, or miscalculation of the intended dosage could lead to dire consequences for the customer taking the […]

Independent (1099) Sales Reps

Currently Seeking – Independent (1099) Sales Reps Are you currently calling on retail pharmacies? or Long-Term Care facilities? Do you have a current book of business? Are you’re looking to enhance your business with a revenue stream from a non-competing line that offers uncapped commissions and earnings potential? Are you an independent, persuasive, proactive, fast-paced, […]

Pharmacy Bags For Holidays And All Occasions

COLORFUL – EYE-CATCHING Because you are anxious to please your customers, create repeat business and call attention to the value added shopping experience available at your store, you will want to check out the new line of Drug Package printed holiday and all occasion paper bags We are excited about this new line of pharmacy […]

Custom Thermal Labels for your Pharmacy

Here at Drug Package, LLC, we manufacture a wide variety of pharmacy prescription labels for thermal printing. We offer both direct thermal transfer paper (no ribbon required) and thermal paper (used with a ribbon) but set ourselves apart from the competition by offering customization. What do we mean by customization? Your Pharmacy Name and Address […]

Buying Prescription Labels Online

At Drug Package, LLC, we are committed to providing innovation in the drug packaging industry. We are always looking for ways to improve our products or to find new products that will make pharmacies run more efficiently. Along with the best products, we always want to make things as simple as possible for customers. That […]

Pharmacy Hanging Prescription Bags: Why Size Matters

Before pharmacy customers purchase prescriptions, the medicine is placed in paper bags, which are generally stored in one of two ways: inside clear bags that hang on a rack, or inside prescription bins that have cubby holes. Here, we focus on the former method of prescription storage, and discuss three reasons why the size of […]