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Job Posting – Customer Call Center Associate – Bi-Lingual

Seeking qualified person who is fluent in English and Spanish,dependable, organized, self motivated and can multi-task. Call Center Associates handle incoming customer service calls, make customer service outreach calls to gain new business and may perform administrative tasks to assist the sales department as needed. Bi-Lingual in English and Spanish. Ability to read, write, and […]

Six Key Benefits of Using Zewa Blood Pressure Monitors

Zewa is a company that manufactures a variety of different medical equipment for personal and clinical use, including connected health systems that leverage wifi technology, TENS and EMS products, multi-application electrodes, massage products, and blood pressure monitors. In this entry, we look at eight key benefits that are found in each model of the company’s […]

3 Ways Pharmacists can Help Seniors With Medication Adherence

Medication adherence occurs when patients take prescribed medicines in strict accordance with the directions of the prescriber. There are various reasons why people who need prescription medicine don’t comply with physicians’ directions, but patients age 65 and older comprise an exceptionally large population of patients who fail to take one or more medications as intended. […]

What is Medication Compliance? Four Scenarios

Medication compliance is a term used to describe whether or not patients take medication based on the prescriber’s directions. Adherence is linked with good health outcomes, whereas non-compliance often leads to poor health outcomes. Because not all dosing regimens are the same, medication compliance must be evaluated based on how a medication is prescribed in […]