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Automatic Tablet Counter – TM-1 Pill Counter for Pharmacy Automation

Is your Pharmacy Still Counting Pills Manually? Well it’s time to stop that! Drug Package is proud to introduce the TM-1 counter! Developed and designed to improve efficiency within the pharmacy, pharmacists were instrumental in helping the design team create the best automated counting system. Through this collaboration with pharmacists, the design team recognized many […]

Benefits of Using Blister Pack Medication at Home

Blister packaging for medication (a.k.a. blister cards) isn’t a new product. Responsible for its remarkable staying power is its ability to promote medication adherence in various ways, depending on the design of the blister card. Nursing homes commonly dispense blister pack medication to inpatients. Taking blister pack medication at home offers many of the same […]

Short Cycle Medication Cards: 4 Applications for Pharmacies

Short cycle medication cards are used for prescriptions that are taken for a short period of time — generally no longer than three weeks. In many cases, short cycle meds are taken for less than two weeks, which presents pharmacies with a medication dispensing issue: Should the drugs be dispensed in standard prescription vials, even […]

Medication Packaging: Patient Populations That Need Blister Cards

Blisters cards for medication packaging feature a well-designed, sealed compartment that houses a patient’s daily medication. Such packaging provides a simple organizational method that can be beneficial in developing a medication routine. Some patients would rather receive prescriptions in traditional medicine vials instead of blister packaging, but there are also patients who prefer blister packaging […]

Marking a Milestone with Wayne Menne

It’s remarkable to think that Wayne Menne applied for a job with us over 50 years ago, but we are so happy he did! At the young age of 17, Wayne walked through our doors and took a job that turned into a career. Today, when people change jobs more often than they update their […]