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RX Labels – Easy Online Ordering

Labeling for pharmacy Rx (Rx is a symbol that stands for “medical prescription,”) is a very important part of managing prescription medicine for patients. The labeling of the medicine must be clear and concise, so the patient knows exactly what is in the container, especially if the patient takes more than one prescription medication. Mixing […]

Holiday Prescription Bags – Online Ordering is Simple

‘Tis the season to be jolly, even for healthcare facilities, where most people associate more of a serious and straight faced insinuation when thinking about this industry. Though this innuendo regarding healthcare facilities may be held by most, it does not mean a lighter side cannot be displayed, especially during a time when most people […]

Are there Different Types of Medical Blister Cards?

Because there are so many different types of uses, needs, and industries that benefit from the utilization of medication blister cards, numerous different kinds of cards are designed, developed, and issued, depending on the need. Industries and businesses that have a need for medication blister cards include long term care facilities, retirement centers, correctional facilities, […]

Caring for Elderly Parents – Can a Simple Pill Blister Card Make Everyone’s Life Easier?

Your parents, as they continue to age and become elderly, will most likely, at some point, require additional care, as they struggle to remain independent with age. This usually means that medication may be involved to help with cognitive and/or physical impediments. When medication is involved, it can sometimes be difficult to track whether the […]

Multi-Med Home Care Kit

The Multi-Med Home Care Kit is available to the consumer. This innovative Multi-Med Home Care card is designed for people taking multiple medications over the course of the day. The Multi-Med Home Care card is……….. EASY TO UNDERSTAND…..Each horizontal row holds pills for one day in individual blisters, color-coded to the time of the day […]