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Minimizing Errors With Pharmacy Automation

Automating work processes can be a touchy subject. Some see automated technology as partly responsible for dwindling job opportunities, as machines replace manpower in the name of efficiency; while others see it as a helpful strategy for maximizing the efficiency of human workers. Both perspectives have a point, but when it comes to pharmacy automation, […]

Pharmacy Thermal Labels: Pros and Cons

Pharmacy direct thermal labels are frequently used by the pharmacy industry in the U.S. and beyond. Big name retail pharmacies, small independent pharmacies, and closed door hospital pharmacies are just a few of the pharmacy settings in which you’ll find thermal labels. Because thermal labels are so widely accepted among pharmacies of all stripes, you […]

Using Pharmacy Tote Bags to Promote Brand Visibility

You’ve probably seen them before: two-handled carry along bags that advertise a company’s logo, contact information, and even present a catchy phrase associated with the business. It seems like a low risk, high reward approach to increasing brand visibility — and it is. But does pharmacy bags advertising really do a good job of advertising […]

Pharmacy Laser Labels: Pros and Cons

Discussing the pros and cons of pharmacy laser labels is similar to discussing the benefits and drawbacks of ink jet labels. To get a true impression of the benefits — or lack thereof — you have to go beyond labels and analyze the printing system in which they’re used. Without discussing laser printers and the […]

Marijuana Blister Packs: What are the Advantages?

Legal distributors of marijuana can benefit from placing the raw product (i.e. the flower of the plant comprised of “buds”) in marijuana blister packs. Below are four reasons why. Easy Dosage Control When using marijuana for medicinal purposes having the drug packaged in a blister pack can help ensure the medication is divided in to […]

Marijuana Packaging: Factors That Affect Product Quality

Just a few years ago, the only people who paid much attention to marijuana packaging were “dealers” who sold the drug on the street. These days, legally selling medical marijuana and recreational marijuana has turned into a burgeoning cottage industry supported by state laws and city ordinances. Packaging and Product Quality Because marijuana is now […]

Products for Pharmacies: What is a Pill Card?

When we think of containers for prescriptions, amber-colored pill vials often come to mind. The durable, plastic vials that feature white safety lids have served pharmacies and their customers well for decades, but they aren’t the best option for all prescription users. When it comes to medication adherence, some people do better when they receive […]

Reasons to Choose Custom Blister Cards

Blister cards are common in the pharmaceutical industry because they offer an affordable safety measure for both over-the-counter products and customer prescriptions. The card consists of pre-formed plastic, which forms a cavity for holding the medicine. A seal derived from aluminum foil or plastic is then used to finish the packaging. This type of packaging […]

Personalized Blister Cards: A Few Uses Beyond the Pharmacy

As a seasoned supplier of blister packaging solutions, we often talk about blister packs from a pharmaceutical standpoint; specifically, how pharmacies can use our blister packs to promote medication adherence, expedite prescription dispensing, help reduce material costs, and realize other important benefits on both sides of the pharmacy counter. However, dispensing medication to people at […]