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Are the Number of Independent Pharmacies Growing?

For several years, it has been status quo to visit chain pharmacies to obtain prescriptions at lower costs, but are the tides beginning to shift in the favor of independent providers? Large retail chains seem to be losing customers due to lack of service and order fulfillment problems. However, consumers are choosing smaller businesses for […]

Drug Adherence: The Impact of Off-Label Prescribing

Imagine you’re a professional musician who starts experiencing stage fright. You make an appointment with your doctor, explain the situation, and expect to be prescribed an anti-anxiety drug. Instead, the physician prescribes a beta blocker medication designed for cardiac patients. It’s a prescription error, right? Probably not. Using medication off-label may seem risky and counterintuitive, […]

Automated Blister Packaging Filler: Versi-Mate vs. Versi-Fill II

Manufactured by Pharmacy Automation Systems and available through Drug Package LLC, the Versi-Mate and Versi-Fill II are automated blister packaging filler systems. Both machines serve the same purpose: increasing the speed and accuracy of the prescription filling process. However, Versi-Mate may be a better option for your needs than Versi-Fill II, or vice versa. To […]