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Build Brand Awareness with Reusable Tote Bags

Reusable tote bags are a great, environmentally friendly, alternative to plastic or paper, single use shopping bags. There are several benefits to your pharmacy that come from selling reusable tote bags to your customers. These tote bags are available in a wide variety of colors that can be custom printed with your business’ branding and […]

Hang Up Bag Systems for Pharmacy

Hang up bag systems are great organizational tools for pharmacies which help improve wait times and customer service by making it easier to sort and find your customers’ prescriptions. Implementing the use of a hang up bag system in your pharmacy can prevent costly mistakes from being made in filling errors. These hang up bag […]

Benefits of Organized Pharmacy Shelving Systems

Having the right pharmacy shelving system for your business is the key to proper organization. An organized pharmacy has shorter wait times, efficient customer service, and delivers prescriptions with precise accuracy and attention to detail. All of this keeps your customers safe, happy, and coming back when they need pharmaceutical assistance. A good pharmacy shelving […]

Organize Prescriptions with Color Coded Hang Up Bags

Color coded hang up bags help to easily locate and categorize your customers’ prescriptions allowing for shorter wait times and eliminating the need for bulky prescription trays. This color coded hang up bag system allows you to sort prescriptions into four categories by color; red for urgent, yellow for caution, green for relax, and purple […]

Easy Fill Medication Cards

Medication cards also known as blister packs, are used to provide consumers with medication in durable, secure, packaging that is easy to read and use. Drug Package’s innovative two-piece medication card design is easy to fill and just as easy for consumers to use and keep track of their medication. Drug Package’s two-piece, tri-fold, medication […]

What Is Important To Look For in Good Rx Labels?

If you are shopping for Rx labels for your pharmacy or medical practice, there are a few key characteristics that are important for your labels to have. Most importantly any Rx labels you purchase should be durable and easy to read. Pharmaceutical labels for prescription bottles and pill packs ensure safety for your customers. These […]