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Save Money with SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System

The practices used within your pharmacy to organize and manage filled prescriptions is extremely important to cost management. When a label is placed on the filled prescription, the manufacturer will not accept it as a return. This can be costly for expensive medications, especially when the patient does not pick it up or has refused […]

Is your Pharmacy Switching Software?

Switching software in any business can be a frustrating and difficult process regardless of the industry. In the medical industry, this is an even more tedious task due to the requirements put on businesses regarding consumer data protection and federal regulations. If your pharmacy is making the switch, this process most likely involves transitioning sensitive […]

Where To Find Affordable Prescription Packaging Supplies

Prescription packaging supplies like white rx bags and blister packaging are essential tools to pharmacies and medical facilities, but they don’t have to break the bank. It is important to never sacrifice the quality of the packaging that you are providing to your patients and customers, especially when they contain vital medications and prescriptions. When […]

Prescription Laser Labels VS Thermal Labels

Prescription laser labels and thermal labels are two popular forms of labels from prescription medication bottles and pill packs. If you have a pharmacy or medical office that is in need of prescription labels, you may be wondering what the differences between these two styles of labels are. Prescription labels are very important to patients […]

Importance of Prescription Hang Up Bags

Many pharmacies use prescription up bags to store prescription medication for ease of sorting and locating when customers come for pick up. These bags are important to your business as they are essential for organizing medications and ensuring that customers receive the correct prescription in a timely manner. When shopping for prescription hang up bags […]