Automated Blister Packaging Filler: Versi-Mate vs. Versi-Fill II

Versi-fill-IIManufactured by Pharmacy Automation Systems and available through Drug Package LLC, the Versi-Mate and Versi-Fill II are automated blister packaging filler systems. Both machines serve the same purpose: increasing the speed and accuracy of the prescription filling process.

However, Versi-Mate may be a better option for your needs than Versi-Fill II, or vice versa. To help you decide which of these prescription filling systems would best suit your pharmacy, let’s look at what they have in common, as well as how they differ.

Versi-Mate and Versi-Fill II: Key Similarities

Versi-Mate and Versi-Fill II automated blister packaging filler systems share key characteristics that increase the speed of the prescription filling process without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Designed for easy installation and training
  • Easy to troubleshoot and maintain
  • Compatible with external medication dispensing canisters
  • Accommodate four vial sizes: 16, 20, 30, 40, and 60 drams
  • Stand alone, barcode driven prescription filling systems
  • Fill at least seven types of prescription packaging: unit dose cards, multi dose cards, weekly cards, standard 31 day blister cards, 90 day blister cards, and plastic medication cassettes (and vials).

Regardless of which system you choose, you receive a prescription filling system that improves productivity and customer service to increase the bottom line, supporting increased profitability year after year. In addition, both systems offer great scalability, letting you add and remove external medication dispensing canisters to account for new meds and discontinued meds, respectively.

Versi-Mate and Versi-Fill II: Key Differences

Versi-Mate and Versi-Fill II automated blister packaging filler systems have more commonalities than differences, but the differences are significant when it comes to external canister capacity and equipment size.

  • Versi-Mate uses 1 external canister at a time and can use up to 540 canisters. Versi-Fill II uses up to 59 canisters internally, and can use up to 600 external canisters.
  • Versi-Mate is a tabletop system with the dimensions: 30in (w) x 22in (d) x 21in (h). Versi-Fill II is a stand alone system that’s considerably larger: 3ft (w) x 3ft (d) x 6ft (h).

Some pharmacies use both systems, but pharmacies that choose one over the other largely base their decision on prescription volume and type of fill (multi-dose vs. single-dose).

For example, Versi-Fill II is a great option for corporate retail pharmacies and closed door pharmacies that fill 300 to 700 prescriptions a day. Versi-Mate is an excellent choice for small to medium-size, independent retail pharmacies that fill 150+ prescriptions per day.  Also, both machines can produce approximately the same daily volume, but one may be the best choice for a particular type of multi-dose compliance pack.

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