Blister packaging for medication (a.k.a. blister cards) isn’t a new product. Responsible for its remarkable staying power is its ability to promote medication adherence in various ways, depending on the design of the blister card.

Nursing homes commonly dispense blister pack medication to inpatients. Taking blister pack medication at home offers many of the same benefits that make medication administers prefer blister packs: easy to use, indication of missing pills, easy to see when refills are needed, and simplified multi dosing.

Easy to Use

Replenishing the blister pack is simple:

  • Place the blister card in a filling tray
  • Fill blisters with medicine from prescription vials
  • Peel away liner paper to reveal pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Fold over foil-backed left side of medication booklet
  • Apply roller pressure to seal back

Clearly Indicates Missing Pills

Because blister pack meds taken at the same are contained in individual blisters, it’s easy to see when a blister has been tampered with. When someone removes a few pills from a vial that contains a 30-day supply, it’s not as easy to notice. Using blister pack medication at home may help prevent anyone in the home — besides the patient — from taking the medication.

Indicates When Refills are Needed

Compared to using pill vials, using blister pack medication at home makes it easier to see when refills are needed. Patients know that every used blister moves them closer to a refill, and the need to request a refill on short order is apparent when only a few blisters are left.

Simplifies Multidosing

Patients who take multiple medications simultaneously — sometimes more than once a day — can dramatically simplify their medication regimen by having the pills placed in a single, large blister. Removing the need to open several pill vials reduces the barrier to medication adherence. The easier medication is to take; the more likely patients are to take it properly.

See Our Multi-Med Home Kit

Using the Multi-Med Home Care Kit from Drug Package, LLC, offers the benefits above, and more. The kit is easy to understand, easy to use, easy to track, and is tamper evident.

In addition, on the inside cover that closes over the blisters, there is ample room to record crucial notes. This feature can be used to communicate detailed information about prescriptions that’s easy to forget, such as advice pharmacist supplies through medication counseling.

To learn more about our Multi-Med Home Care Kit and the benefits of using blister pack medication at home, call us today at (800) 325-6137, or reach us through our contact form. We look forward to supplying blister packaging that encourages medication adherence.