What are the Benefits of Using Anti-Fatigue Mats?

Most people hate standing. One reason is that standing is usually accompanied with other things we don’t like, such as waiting in line. While pretty much everyone hates standing, do you realize it could take both a mental and physical toll on you? A recent study from England’s Loughborough University says standing isn’t just uncomfortable for most people, but it can actually impact your physical well-being. Their study showed it took only 90 minutes of standing on a concrete floor for a person to feel fatigue. Terrible discomfort to their feet, legs and back, and stiffness to the neck and shoulders were the main complaints. This would be troubling for anyone who had to wait in line for a long time, but it is especially concerning for people whose job requires extensive hours of standing. Along with the physical complaints, the study also revealed there was a major decrease in ability to concentrate after only 50 minutes of standing. This should be alarming for anyone who employs workers that are required to stand in one place for long periods of time.

One way companies can alleviate this discomfort and fatigue for their employees is by using anti-fatigue mats in areas where workers do most of their standing. An ergonomically designed floor mat can take away the discomfort and fatigue of standing and relieve some of the other negative effects from standing. Below we look at a few of the benefits of using anti-fatigue mats in a work environment.

  • Insulates floors to protect workers from cold
  • Reduces pressure on the spine and foot
  • Reduces lower back pain
  • Reduces headaches
  • Eases tension in shoulders and neck
  • Encourages proper postures

It is pretty easy to see the physical benefits of an anti-fatigue mat from the list above, but there are also quite a few mental benefits too. When tension in the shoulders and neck is relieved, workers are able to concentrate more on the task at hand. The same would be true for relieving pressure on the spine and feet. Improved concentration typically leads to increased productivity from a worker.

Shopping for Anti-Fatigue Mats?


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