SynMed machine

Quality Supplier of Blister Cards and Laser Labels for SynMed® Automation

SynMed® XF and ULTRA systems are used to automatically package medication into blister packs with accuracy and efficiency.  This proven technology is used in close to 500 Pharmacy sites throughout North America. If you are looking for blister cards and coordinating laser labels for SynMed®, Drug Package LLC produces laser labels and six different sized blister cards that are compatible with SynMed® Systems. SynMed® works with your pharmacy’s management system to read prescriptions and automatically fill blister packs with the correct medication and dosage, expediting the packaging of your customer’s prescription medications. To find a reliable supplier of economically priced blister cards, visit, and browse their supply of blister cards for SynMed® systems.


What Are the Benefits of Packaging Medication with SynMed® Automation?

  • Speed – SynMed® ULTRA can automatically count and place medication into blister cards at unparalleled speeds; up to 100 multi-med cards per hour and 200 single dose cards per hour.
  • Accuracy – SynMed® systems pull information directly from the pharmacy’s management system so the robot can select the medicine, amount and dosage to fill prescriptions with 99.98% accuracy, and increase safety.
  • Efficiency – Packaging medicine with SynMed® XF, for example, allows one operator to comfortably produce 1,000 multi-dose cards per week. The whole workflow is designed to minimize redundancy and increase efficiency.

Why Should You Work with Drug Package LLC?

Drug Package is North America’s premier provider of pharmaceutical supplies including blister cards for SynMed® systems. Drug Package has been in operation for 139 years and pride themselves on providing great customer service and high quality products at affordable prices. When you purchase products from Drug Package you can trust that you are receiving a great product and expert advice.


If your pharmacy is looking to begin packaging medications with SynMed® technology, be sure to look into Drug Package’s supply of blister cards and coordinating laser labels for SynMed® systems. Offering six different styles and sizes of compatible blister cards, Drug Package is sure to be able to help find the best blister packs for your needs. Learn more here!