Using Blister Packs to Improve Medication Management

According to a recent study released by the organization Prescriptions for a Healthy America: A Partnership for Advancing Medication Adherence, medication nonadherence results in roughly $300 billion in annual, avoidable health care expenses. The poor health outcomes that many patients experience when they fail to take medicine as directed is one of the major reasons why.

There are several ways to combat medication nonadherence and improve health outcomes, one of the simplest of which is to provide nonadherent patients with a blister pack that helps them improve medication management. Having nonadherent patients use a smart pill dispenser helps to eliminate the following problems that commonly denote poor medication management.

Taking Medication at the Wrong Time
Taking medication at the wrong time often happens for one of two reasons: people forget to take their medication, and then take a dose as soon as they remember, or people only take their medication intermittently, when the effects of not taking it become too apparent to ignore. A smart pill dispenser can alert people to when it is time to take a scheduled dose of medicine.

Failure to Take Medication
The most egregious form of medication nonadherence is when people fail to take medication altogether. This often happens to geriatric patients who have health conditions that affect memory, such as dementia. It also happens when people start to feel better after taking a medication for a few weeks, and decide that medicine management is no longer necessary.

A blister pack makes it obvious anytime a dose is missed, and it is an excellent strategy for demonstrating unwillful medication nonadherence. However, it cannot convince people that medication is needed. For those who remain willfully nonadherent, a medicine management program that a pharmacy or a physician offers can be quite helpful.

Taking Medication in the Wrong Dosage
Anyone can accidentally take the wrong dose of medication, but the problem typically occurs in the geriatric population that suffers some degree of mental incapacity and the patient population that takes several medications. A blister pack can correct the problem by having the dosage separated into specific packs, organizing only the amount of medication that should be taken at that point in the dosing schedule.

Failure to Refill Medication
Some people are medication adherent until it comes time to refill their prescription. Desire to avoid medical costs and the belief that the medication has done its job are common reasons medications are not refilled. Although innovative drug packaging may not lower the cost of a medication, it can be designed to issue a reminder that it is time to get the prescription refilled.

How Drug Package Can Help
For over 100 years, Drug Package has specialized in designing innovative medication packaging that helps physicians and pharmacists assist their patients and customers with remaining adherent to medication prescribing directions. For people whose nonadherence is defined by any of the characteristics above, using a blister pack is an excellent option.

To learn more about our medication management products and our other products for physicians and pharmacists, call us at (800) 325-6137, or request a quote today! With us serving as your trusted medication packaging provider, your can help reduce excessive health care costs that medication non-adherence create, and support good health outcomes.

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