How Can a Blister Pack Help Manage Medication?

When it comes to medication, a blister pack is a medication package that typically features multiple blisters, with pills placed inside each one. At first glance, using blister packaging to dispense medication may seem to like more of a hassle than using a conventional medication vial, but a blister pack can play an essential role in helping patients manage their medication regimen. The few minutes it may take to fill a blister pack saves time when many medications need to be taken. Below are a few examples of how a blister pack helps patients manage their medication.

Easy to Understand
Medication is organized so that each horizontal row holds each day’s pills in individual blisters. The blisters are then color coded for time of day, so the user knows when each pill is to be taken.

Easy to Remove Pills
Removing pills from a high-quality blister pack is as easy as removing them from a medication vial. All you need to do is puncture the backing that keeps the pill inside the blister. For some patient populations — especially the hand arthritis population — perforating the thin backing can be much easier than uncapping a pill vial and picking out pills.

Refill Reminders
Not getting refills on time is a major cause of medication non-adherence. Having a visual tool that shows how many days of medication remain make it much easier for patients and caregivers to recognize when medication needs to be refilled. Having such a refill remindes helps eliminate missed refills and keeps the patient on a dose schedule that offers the maximum health benefit.

Keeping Notes
A blister pack can also include a section for note taking. This is very beneficial for monitoring medication side affects and/or results. Keeping all pertinent patient medication information in one simple location can make for better communication between physicians and patients. Blister packs can help patients manage their medication more effectively, which ideally should produce better health outcomes.

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