Can a Blister Packaging Machine Save our Pharmacy Money?

Blister packaging isn’t a newfangled technology. For about five decades, blister packs have housed nearly every kind of prescription pill you can imagine, after first being used to package female contraceptives (a.k.a. “birth control”).

In those 50 years, blister packaging has become more than a popular product; it’s become an industry. Pharmacies and product engineers combine their knowledge to develop solutions for improving the packaging process and the packaging itself. Blister packaging machines are good examples of these solutions.

Financial Benefits    

From a financial standpoint, the worst thing that could happen from a prescription packaging error is a valid injury claim — an event that could damage reputation as much as finances. Thankfully, those situations happen to the minority of pharmacies. In most cases, the greatest financial benefits of a blister packaging machine come in the form of saved material costs and — if the demand is there — higher dispensing rates.

How much you profit from the machine depends a lot on which model you choose, and which technology it uses — heat seal or cold seal.

The main appeal of the cold seal is that it doesn’t take as much energy or time as heat sealing, while still providing a highly reliable bond. Heat sealing provides an exceptionally durable bond between blister sheet and card.

The heat seal process isn’t as energy efficient as the cold seal procedure. But with heat sealing, the main point is making gains in customer care, particularly when you have a large blister card population to support. Even so, the technology you use will impact how much you save, and so will the reliability and energy efficiency of the model you choose.

Like to Know More?

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