Benefits of Working with Quality Blister Packaging Manufacturers

Good blister packaging manufacturers provide their clients with quality packaging, a wide range of options, and knowledge to ensure you receive the best packaging for your needs. Blister packs are pre-formed plastic that is molded and sealed to a cardboard backing using heat or cooling. This type of packaging works great for medication as it protects the medicine in convenient single dose pockets, which can be covered with an extra layer of paper or foil on top of the cardboard backing that displays important information and instructions. In addition to medication, blister packs can also be used for small tools, hardware, and electronics. Blister packs have gained popularity for being a cost effective, lightweight alternative to other traditional packaging methods. If you are interested in using blister packs to pack and ship your products, working with a blister packaging manufacturers like Drug Package will provide you with all the necessary tools to produce the best packaging for your needs.   

Benefits of Drug Package’s Blister Packaging:

  • Customization – Drug Package offers a full catalog of customizable blister pack templates that allow you to input your branding and information to best suit your product.
  • Variety – Drug Packages also offer several different sizes of blister packs to accommodate any size medication from nine to 90 day supplies, as well as packs that can hold multiple medications as permitted.
  • Customer Care – Drug Package has over 100 years of experience in pharmaceutical supply and their customer service team will go above and beyond to get you the best packaging and design for your needs without breaking your budget.

Looking for a Blister Packaging Manufacturer?

Drug Package is a blister packaging manufacturer that is experienced, hands on, and produces high quality packaging. We have been a leading pharmaceutical supply provider for over a century and our dedicated team will help you find the best products for your business. Contact us today to learn more.


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