Caring for Elderly Parents – Can a Simple Pill Blister Card Make Everyone’s Life Easier?

caring-for-elderly-parentsYour parents, as they continue to age and become elderly, will most likely, at some point, require additional care, as they struggle to remain independent with age. This usually means that medication may be involved to help with cognitive and/or physical impediments. When medication is involved, it can sometimes be difficult to track whether the necessary daily dosage has been taken. Heck, even young adults with full cognitive abilities forget whether they have taken their supplements each day, or if they remembered to give their children their Flintstone Vitamins that morning before school. The point is everyone, especially the elderly, when taking daily medication in pill form, can use a method of keeping track whether they have taken the correct dosage on the right day. That is why using a simple pill blister card can make not only elderly parents, but also everyone who takes oral medication in pill form a whole lot easier.

Most likely everyone has, at one time or another, seen a pill blister card, it is just that you might not know a pill blister card by name. Briefly, a pill blister card is a modified type of packaging that allows you to load and organize a person’s daily dosage of pills. Not only does it contain the daily mandated pill dosage, you can label the dates that a person needs to take his or her recommended dosage. In addition, a pill blister card allows a person to make notes pertaining to the pills, including the time of day the pill or pills were taken. Simply stated, a pill blister card makes it easy for a prescribed medicinal pill taker to fill and refill his or her needed dosage, organize and keep record of the medication, minimize any medication mistakes, and can grant much needed peace of mind to the children of elderly parents, that their parents are taking the necessary dosage correctly, on the day mandated.

pill-cardsDrug Package, Inc. has been leading the way in both the design and manufacturing of easy to fill, economically priced pill blister cards. Drug Package has been providing these pill blister cards to several industries who specialize in the care taking of the elderly, since the company began offering pill blister cards. Many businesses that care for the elderly, rely heavily on these pill blister cards to organize their medication distribution. Such businesses include long term care facilities, retirement centers, and home care. Drug Package, Inc. offers both one and two piece Heat Seal Medication Cards, as well as one piece Cold Seal Medication Cards, with a choice of clear or light resistant amber blisters. Moreover, Drug Package offers a variety of pill blister card counts, including seven, fourteen, twenty-eight, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two, sixty, sixty-two, and ninety. The company’s pill blister cards also come in a range of sizes that can accommodate a pill tablet, or tablets, of any shape and size, and even multiple medications, if needed. Call their friendly representatives today at  1-800-325-6137  to determine which product will best fit your needs.