Benefits of Using a Controlled Dose Jumbo Blister Pack

If you are in need of a blister pack that can hold large quantities of multiple medications, the jumbo blister pack from Drug Package offers the perfect solution you are looking for. Our jumbo blister pack boasts 28 individual blisters on 8.25” x 8.5” sheets. Each blister measures .93” deep and 1.68” long, allowing ample space to store multiple pills. These jumbo blister packs are easy to use, provide necessary extra space for medications, and help your clients to keep track of their day to day dosing. Using a controlled dose jumbo blister pack is convenient, and provides an extra level of safety when keeping track of daily meds. If you are interested in using these jumbo blister packs in your pharmacy or medical practice, Drug Package can help. 

Pros of Drug Package’s Jumbo Blister Packs

  • Controlled Dose – Drug Package’s jumbo blister pack is compatible with both Dose Planner Software and the MedWell Smart Pill Box. These services make keeping track of dosing and medication simple, and help to keep consumers safe.
  • Easy to Use – Each blister on Drug Package’s jumbo blister pack is individually perfed and labeled, allowing the user to easily realize their dosage at a glance. These blister packs are clear, to the point, and easy to open, making daily med planning and dosing easy.
  • Safety – Drug Package’s jumbo blister pack is easy to use, is clearly labeled, and works in conjunction with various tracking services, which helps users to clearly see and understand what they are taking and when. This is essential to patients who depend on the correct medications to maintain their health and quality of life. All of these precautions prevent users from taking the wrong meds or dosage, and help prevent dangerous mistakes.

Shopping for Jumbo Blister Packs?

If you are interested in learning more about Drug Package or our Jumbo Blister Pack, contact us today! Drug Package is a trusted provider of pharmacy supplies with over a century of knowledge and experience to help you find the best supplies for your needs.


Benefits of Working with Quality Blister Packaging Manufacturers

Good blister packaging manufacturers provide their clients with quality packaging, a wide range of options, and knowledge to ensure you receive the best packaging for your needs. Blister packs are pre-formed plastic that is molded and sealed to a cardboard backing using heat or cooling. This type of packaging works great for medication as it protects the medicine in convenient single dose pockets, which can be covered with an extra layer of paper or foil on top of the cardboard backing that displays important information and instructions. In addition to medication, blister packs can also be used for small tools, hardware, and electronics. Blister packs have gained popularity for being a cost effective, lightweight alternative to other traditional packaging methods. If you are interested in using blister packs to pack and ship your products, working with a blister packaging manufacturers like Drug Package will provide you with all the necessary tools to produce the best packaging for your needs.   

Benefits of Drug Package’s Blister Packaging:

  • Customization – Drug Package offers a full catalog of customizable blister pack templates that allow you to input your branding and information to best suit your product.
  • Variety – Drug Packages also offer several different sizes of blister packs to accommodate any size medication from nine to 90 day supplies, as well as packs that can hold multiple medications as permitted.
  • Customer Care – Drug Package has over 100 years of experience in pharmaceutical supply and their customer service team will go above and beyond to get you the best packaging and design for your needs without breaking your budget.

Looking for a Blister Packaging Manufacturer?

Drug Package is a blister packaging manufacturer that is experienced, hands on, and produces high quality packaging. We have been a leading pharmaceutical supply provider for over a century and our dedicated team will help you find the best products for your business. Contact us today to learn more.


Easy Fill Medication Cards

Medication cards also known as blister packs, are used to provide consumers with medication in durable, secure, packaging that is easy to read and use. Drug Package’s innovative two-piece medication card design is easy to fill and just as easy for consumers to use and keep track of their medication. Drug Package’s two-piece, tri-fold, medication card design is made to protect your customer’s medication and provide important medical information in a safe and easy manner. If you are interested in purchasing affordable, durable, prescription packaging for your pharmacy, we can help provide you with the best easy fill medication cards for your needs. 

Benefits of Buying Easy Fill Medication Cards from Drug Package, LLC

  • Customizable – our medication cards are available in 3 different sizes, medium, large, and extra-large, which can be customized for your business’ branding. Logos, store information and more can be custom printed onto blister packs to promote customer loyalty and keep your name in the forefront of your consumer’s minds.
  • Medication Tracking – The tri fold design provides a day tracking system to ensure medication is taken on time and to help consumers accurately track their dossing.
  • Easy to Fill – The two-part design of these medication cards allows for easy filling and packaging. Medication is easily placed into the blister portion of the card before being assembled which allows for faster packaging.

Who Is Drug Package, LLC?

Drug Package, LLC has been a provider of high quality pharmaceutical supplies since 1881. With our 100+ years of experience you can trust that we have the knowledge and ability to help you find the pharmacy tools and supplies that best suit your needs. Whether it is medication cards, labels, bags, or other pharmacy tools and packaging, we can help. Contact us today or shop our online store to get a quote for medication cards or any other pharmacy products you need.

Using Blister Pack Medication at Home to Simplify Medication Management

DosePlanner SoftwareTaking one or two medications once or twice a day doesn’t present much difficulty for most people. However, when a patient takes multiple medications on different dosing schedules, keeping track of what medicine to take and when to take it can be challenging, especially when the patient has a busy lifestyle in which medication management isn’t the first thing on his or her mind come morning, noon, or night.

For these patients, as well as patients who have memory problems that keep them from remembering how and when to dose medications, using blister pack medication at home supports good health outcomes by helping to ensure that medicine is taken on the right day, in the right amount, at the right time. In addition to making medication management more organized, our Multi Medication Home Care Kit offers the following benefits that promote proper dosing of essential medication.

Color Coding for Time of Day
Our blister pack medication at home solutions are available with color coding options that identify times of day at which specific medications must be taken. For example, you can dispense medicine in blister packs that contain horizontal color coding for dosing times — morning, noon, evening, bedtime — seven days a week. The pack makes it obvious when medicine should be taken.

Foil Backing for Easy Removal
We can also supply you with blister packs that have easy to remove foil backing that simplifies dosing by making pills easy to remove from the blister sheet. This feature is especially helpful for patients who suffer minor motor impairment in the hands (e.g. early stage arthritis), and thus have difficulty removing pills from conventional medication vials.

Left Panel With Room for Notes
Our blister pack medication at home solutions also provide the option of dispensing the blister pack in booklet form, with the left side of the opened package featuring lined and segmented sections for recording notes. Patients who can achieve medication compliance on their own may not need the left panel, but the space is helpful for caretakers who dispense medication, as it allows them to record medication-related notes to present to the patient’s physician.

Easy to Replenish Blister Pack
This is a good option for patients who demonstrate a high degree competency when using blister pack medication at home. The option is also helpful for caretakers who are responsible for replenishing the package with weekly medication.

Replenishing the blister pack is easy. Just take the following steps: (1) Place the blister card in a filling tray, (2) fill blisters with medicine from prescription vials, (3) peel away the liner paper to reveal the pressure sensitive adhesive, (4) fold over the foil-backed left side of the medication booklet, (5) apply pressure with a roller to seal blisters, and (6) remove the sealed card from the tray and fold it into booklet form.

Let Us Supply Your Blister Packs

Drug Package has over 133 years of experience in providing commercial pharmacies and retail pharmacies with best in class medication packaging that supports good health outcomes. One of these packaging types is blister pack medication that is designed for use at home. When you get your blister pack medication containers from us, you receive the benefits above, among others, all of which support proper dosing, and thus support good health outcomes. Order conveniently online here or call us at 800-325-6137.

For pharamacists, when your customers use blister pack medication at home, it can help them remain adherent to medication prescribing protocols. If these patients are a part of your pharmacy’s customer base, Drug Package can supply you with blister pack solutions that make a difference in patient health. We look forward to serving your pharmacy!

Using a Medication Blister Pack: Four Rarely Mentioned Advantages

Blister packaging is used to contain everything from batteries to toys, but one of its most discussed applications continues to be its use for packaging prescription medications. Because blister packaging can be designed to make medication easier to take as prescribed, it plays a significant role in improving patient health outcomes, and thus helps to mitigate the hundreds of billions of dollars that are spent annually as a result of medication nonadherence.

These benefits of blister packaging are relatively well-known throughout the healthcare industry. However, a medication blister pack can also deliver additional advantages that are not as often discussed. In addition to helping improve medication adherence and drive down unnecessary medical costs, blister packaging offers the following advantages that should be of interest to physicians and pharmacists that place a heavy emphasis on patient care and customer service.

Helps Preserve the Integrity of Pills
A transparent prescription bottle that contains pills often has what appears to be a layer of dust on the inside — a substance that is actually comprised of small particles from the pills. This happens because the pills rub together when the bottle is moved. A medication blister pack can prevent this from happening by sequestering each pill inside its own blister in the blister pack.

Easy to Transport Small Amounts of Pills
Many people buy small pill boxes to transport individual pills or a small number of pills instead of transporting their entire supply of medication. By featuring a perforated card that allows individual doses of medication to be pulled away and transported, a medication blister pack makes it easy to carry small amounts of pills and eliminates the need to buy pill boxes for pill transportation.

Easy to Store Pills in Discreet Locations
If you have a large bottle of pills, you may be able to store it in your medicine cabinet, but what if you need to store the medication in a discreet location to prevent children or other people from accessing it? Using a slim medication blister pack that is designed as a single-fold medication booklet gives people the flexibility they need to store the medicine in various discreet locations.

Helps Decrease Medicine Dispensing Time
If you walk into a pharmacy with a script for a new medication, you can count on waiting anywhere between 30 minutes and three hours for the prescription to be filled. Receiving pills in blister packaging helps decrease medication dispensing time by eliminating the need for pharmacists to spend several minutes counting and recounting the number of pills dispensed.

Interested in the Benefits of Blister Packs?
If you are a physician or a pharmacy that is searching for a way to dispense pills in a manner that offers the most benefits to parties on both sides of the dispensing process, investing in economical blister packaging may be the answer. Listed above are just some of the benefits that come with the use of a medication blister pack. To learn about additional benefits, call us at (800) 325-6137, or request a quote online today. We look forward to serving you!

What Are Blister Packs?

Medication Blister Packs ensure that the right medication dose is given at the right time in the most efficient way. Read our Blister Pack Q&A to learn more!

Cold Seal Blister Cards – Improved Medication Management without the Fuss!

Medication management is a big deal in every avenue of health care due to the dangers seen when someone receives the wrong medication, skips a dose, or doubles a dose. Blister cards offer increased safety because they make it easier to track one or multiple medications over a course of time.

Cards may be created using a heat or a cold seal. The latter is a newer alternative where only pressure is needed to complete the seal. Heat sealing involves additional factors such as temperature and time. For this among other reasons, many companies are switching to cold seal blister cards.

What Types of Blister Cards are Available?

Cold seal blister cards are a reliable option for packaging over-the-counter or prescription medications. They can be custom printed and come in a number of designs including:

  • One Piece – Designed like a book, this option provides ample room for a label, wide blisters to accommodate different pill sizes, space saving opportunities, and offers reduced packaging time.
  • Two Pieces – Similar to the one piece, this design has two sheets for accommodating a higher pill count.
  • Multi-Med Kits – A simple solution for anyone who must take multiple pills over a time period (day, week, or month). Kits can hold several medications with the time and dosage information included.
  • Controlled Dose & Unit Dose – A color coded card capable of holding a person’s medication for an entire week. They provide an easy to store option with complete accountability.

Each option has its own set of benefits including accountability, improved dosage management, and safer storage. Cold seal blister cards are designed to deliver a cost-effective solution to improved handling of medication whether used by the individual or a care taker. All designs provide ample room to place labels printed on-site and are sealed with a strong adhesive to ensure dependability. Cold seal blister cards provide a simple option that does not require heat or entail separate inserts.

Shopping for Cold Seal Blister Cards?

Drug Package offers a variety of options to meet your specific needs. Our team will work with you to determine which design best suits your facility or pharmacy needs. Contact us today to learn more about each choice and to get started!

Senior Friendly Blister Packs – A Better Medication Management Option for Pharmacies

Blister packs are a great way for any pharmacy to accommodate the needs of their senior customers. Often times, individuals falling within this age category have trouble keeping track of their doses. This can result in a missed dose or in some cases an overdose. Seniors have the following issues when it comes to taking their prescribed medications:

  • Forgetting to Take a Dose
  • Not Taking Medicine as Prescribed
  • Missing the Dosage Time
  • Difficulties Reading the Bottle
  • Neglecting to Refill Prescriptions

Traditional pill bottles are also extremely difficult to open for anyone with arthritis. While several alternatives are available, they have many of the same downsides as standard bottles. For example, pill packs are a great way to organize medications by days of the week or alternative periods of time. However, this choice still provides opening difficulties and an increased chance of spills. Senior friendly blister packs are a great alternative for decreasing these risks.

The Perks of Using Blister Packs

Blister packs deliver more control and dosage monitoring abilities for individuals who have trouble with their medications. Since the foil must be penetrated to take a dose, it is easy for seniors or their caretakers to manage this aspect of medication. This option allows you to set up a customized card with the individual’s medications for a specified period of time. The card informs the person of what day and time each medication should be taken.

Senior friendly blister packs limit the chance of pill mix-ups since they are filled at the pharmacy. They also offer the following additional benefits:

  • Easy Dosage Tracking
  • Instant Re-Ordering Reminder
  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • Tamper Resistant Qualities
  • Reduced Chance of Spills
  • At a Glance Notice of Missed Dosage

Senior friendly blister packs provide clear instructions since medications are grouped accordingly. For example, let’s say the individual takes three different medications in the morning, one at lunch, and then two in the evening. The pack will have the medications split up in this manner with clear instructions on how and when to take them. This option prevents many of the common problems experienced with medication management. Drug Package offers several options for senior friendly blister packs. Contact our team today to learn more!

Prescription Packaging – Reduce Non-Compliance with Specially Designed Blister Packs

Prescriptions have to be taken consistently to be effective; however, for many individuals missing one or more doses is common. Non-compliance has become an issue in healthcare due to missed doses or individuals choosing not to take their medications. Missed doses sometimes result in the need for additional medicines or treatments. Failure to take a medicine at the designated time can be harmful to any individual who relies on the prescription.

It can be difficult for caretakers or family members to know if the individual has taken their meds. This creates unnecessary stress for everyone involved including the person taking the medications. Blister packs are one simple solution to a growing problem and many pharmacies are switching to this option to better protect their customers.

How Can Blister Packs Help?

Blister packs are commonly used for over-the-counter medications to provide easy to take individual doses and prevent tampering. These packs protect the integrity of each pill from the time of packaging to placement on the shelf. Blister pack prescription packaging makes it easier to know when to take medicine. Caretakers, family, or the individual is able to quickly see if a dose has been taken since the backing must be punctured on the pack.

Options are available for placing individual or multiple medications in packs with defined days of the week and times. This is very helpful to anyone taking medicine, as it provides the following benefits:

  • No Risk of Spills
  • Effortless to Open
  • Clear Instructions
  • Pills are Always Visible
  • Tamper-Evident

Blister prescription packaging provides a way to help each customer take their medicines. They do not have the stress of missing a dose, spilling medications, or having trouble opening them. If someone has taken a dose, it is easy to tell just by looking at the blister pack. Additionally, they promote compliance across all ages by ensuring caretakers, parents, or family members are able to monitor medications better.

Drug Package offers several choices to meet your blister prescription packaging needs. Our team will help you determine what design will work best for customer compliance, safety, and health. Contact us today to learn about our process, materials, and options.