Custom Prescription Label Template

If you are looking for a custom designed prescription label template for your pharmacy or medical facility, Drug Package can help. A well designed prescription label template makes printing high quality labels on demand, fast and easy. Printing on demand laser labels provides many benefits to a busy pharmacy and all you need to get started is a custom design template and a printer. Drug Package is capable of designing a custom label template, specific to your brand, with your custom dimensions, branding, and information. This template will also be compatible with your facility’s software, so all you need to do is input the patient and prescription info, then click print. If you are looking to have a custom prescription label template designed that is professional, easy to read, and affordable, Drug Package is here to help.

Benefits Of Designing Prescription Label Templates With Drug Package:

  • Full Customization – Drug Package will work closely with your pharmacy or practice to design a brand specific label. This allows you to include specific logos, colors, and important information that pertains to your business. This customization will also allow you to set a specific size dimension to meet your needs.
  • Speed – One of the biggest draws to using laser labels and pre designed label templates is speed. Once your label template has been designed, all you need to do is plug in the prescription information and print. This allows you to have a custom label in hand, ready to use in just seconds. 
  • Experience – Drug Package has over 130 years of experience in pharmacy supply, and is North America’s first choice pharmacy supplier. Our staff has the knowledge and ability to create and provide the best supplies for your specific needs, for an affordable price. 

Need A Custom Designed Prescription Label Template:

If you are looking for the right prescription label template for your pharmacy, contact Drug Package today! Our team is standing by and ready to help.

Easy To Use Stock Pharmacy Labels

If you are looking for a reliable provider of stock pharmacy labels Drug Package is here to help. Prescription pharmacy labels are a necessary item to any pharmacy or medical office, and Drug Package makes designing and ordering high quality labels easy, by offering pre designed stock templates that allow you to simply input your store specific information and print, with no hassle. We carry multiple label configurations compatible with all current software programs. Prescription pharmacy labels provide necessary information that keeps the patient safe, such as physical description of the medication, dosage, use instruction, and easy access pharmacy contact info. As these labels play such a critical role in patient safety, it is very important that you are using durable, high quality, stock pharmacy labels that will stay in place during use. When you work with Drug Package you can rest easy knowing you are receiving top of the line products, and expert knowledge for a competitive price. 

Benefits of working with Drug Package:

  • Stress Free Ordering – Drug Package offers several pre designed label templates offering different sizes and layouts. You can choose the template that works best for your needs and simply add your information, and order or you can call our highly experienced customer service team to walk you through your order.
  • Quality and Durability – Drug Package’s labels are produced in house and labels are backed with strong adhesive to stay in place and made with top quality materials which offer clarity of printing.
  • One Stop Shop – Drug Package serves as a one stop shop for pharmacy supplies. Everything from mortars and pestles, to labels, organizational systems, medicine carts, and so much more, Drug Package has you covered.

Shopping for Stock Pharmacy Labels?

If you are looking to purchase stock pharmacy labels for prescription medication, contact Drug Package today! Drug Package is the nation’s first choice pharmacy supply provider, that has the knowledge and expertise to help you find the best tools for your business.

High Quality Pharmacy Labeling Products

When you are shopping for pharmacy labeling products, you want to be sure you are working with a knowledgeable supplier, that has a wide variety of products and options, who can help you find the best pharmacy labeling products for your needs. Labeling is an essential aspect of any pharmaceutical business, that ensures your customers’ safety when taking prescription medications. Labels include information such as medication description, warnings, drug interactions, proper use instructions, and pharmacy contact information which help your patients take the right medication and dosage. For this reason, you want to make sure you are using high quality labeling products that are easy to read, so your patients and customers can always refer back to this critical information. Pharmacy supply providers like Drug Package can help you create high quality, durable pharmacy labels that will keep your patients safe without breaking the bank. 

Benefits of Drug Packages’ Pharmacy Products:

  • High Quality – Drug Packages’ labels are backed with strong adhesive to prevent labels from peeling or moving out of place. Such high quality material provides clarity of print for your customers.
  • Affordability – Drug Package produces all of their paper labeling products in house at their facility just outside of St. Louis Missouri. With products being produced locally, and no need for a middle man, Drug Package is able to offer competitive pricing.
  • Versatility – In addition to high quality pharmacy labeling products, Drug Package also offers a wide variety of pharmacy supplies from blister cards and ltc medication carts to hang up bag systems and storage, making them a complete pharmacy shop for all your pharmacy supply needs.

Looking for a Reliable Pharmacy Label Provider?

Drug Package has over a century of knowledge and experience in pharmacy supply to share with their customers, ensuring you will find the best supplies for your practice. Contact us today to learn more!

How Can Custom Pharmacy Labels Add Value to Your Business?

Custom pharmacy labels are an essential tool for pharmacies looking to establish themselves as reliable providers in the eyes of their customers. Not only are pharmacy labels vitally important to the customer to ensure they are taking the correct medication, dose, and properly following instructions, but if you customize them they will also provide important contact information that is easily accessible to your customers and patients when they need to get a hold of you. By designing custom pharmacy labels, you can choose an easy to read lay out, that includes your store specific branding and contact information. Not only does this make your products and contact information user friendly and easy to find, but by including your branding, you begin to build brand loyalty with your patients. This makes your store more memorable, and your clients more likely to come back next time they are in need of a service you provide. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of high quality custom pharmacy labels, Drug Package can help.

Custom Pharmacy Labels from Drug Package

  • Full Customization – Drug Package offers full customization of all their paper products and labels, allowing you to include logos, store information, custom dimensions, and much more.
  • Durable – All of Drug Package’s labels are backed with strong adhesive to stay in place and made with top quality materials which offer clarity of printing.
  • Affordable – Drug Package produces all of their labels and paper products in house at their centrally located facility in O’Fallon MO. This keeps overhead low, resulting in competitive, affordable pricing.
  • Versatile – Both thermal and laser printed labels are available through Drug Package to meet your needs. We have label die configurations available for all software programs.

Looking for Custom Pharmacy Labels?

If you are interested in purchasing high quality custom pharmacy labels for your pharmaceutical practice, contact us today! Drug Package has been producing high quality pharmacy supplies for over a century, offering their customers expert knowledge and experience to find the best tools for their businesses.




Prescription Medication Label Supplier

Prescription Medication Labels are a necessary supply for any pharmacy or medical practice. Prescription labels keep your patients safe and informed, so they can accurately identify and properly use the medications they rely on to maintain their health. It is the responsibility of the pharmacy to be sure they are working with a good label provider that supplies them with high quality prescription medication labels.  Labels should be easy to read and able to hold up with use so that your patients can always have access to the crucial information that is printed on your labels. If you are in need of quality prescription medication labels Drug Package can help you create the best, high quality labels for your needs, available in both thermal and laser printing.  

Benefits of Drug Package Labels:

  • Quality – Drug Package’s labels are easy to read, durable, fade resistant, and backed with strong adhesive to stand the test of time, without peeling off or becoming unreadable. Using these high quality labels ensures your customers will always be able to access the information on their prescriptions.
  • Customization – Drug Package offers customization of labels to include your unique designs and branding. Drug Package offers a large selection of label templates as well as full customization, allowing you to create the perfect labels for your business.
  • Customer Service – Drug Package is a leading provider of pharmaceutical supplies who has over 100 years of experience and knowledge to share with their customers. Drug Package’s customer care team is happy to work closely with your business to help you find the best supplies for your needs.

Looking for a Quality Prescription Medication Label Supplier?

If you are in need of quality prescription medication labels, Drug Package can help.  To get a competitive quote or learn more about Drug Package contact us here today!

Looking For A Reliable Pharmacy Label Supplier?

If you work in a pharmacy or medical practice you understand the importance of using a reliable pharmacy label supplier. Pharmacy labels, first and foremost, are used to keep the consumers safe. Labels clearly state the name and physical description of the medication helping both the pharmacist and patient to accurately identify the prescription. Pharmacy labels also include necessary instructions about dosage and how often the medication should be used, as well as proper use instructions. All of this helps to ensure your patients’ safety, so you want to make sure you are working with a pharmacy label supplier who will provide you with high quality labels. If you are looking for a new pharmacy label supplier, you should take into consideration what is important for your labels to have and understand the benefits of working with a supplier that can offer custom branding, durability, and quality. 

Benefits of Drug Package Pharmacy Labels:

  • Durability – It is important that your pharmacy labels are durable so as to not tarnish or peel, ensuring your customers can always access the information they need. Drug packages labels are designed to not fade with heavy use and exposure to light over time. They are also backed with strong bonding adhesive to prevent peeling or tearing.
  • Easy to Read – Much like durability, it is important that your labels are well printed and will not fade or smudge, so that your labels stay readable. Drug Package offers high quality laser and thermal printing options that will keep your labels easy to ready.
  • Customizable – All of Drug Package’s printed goods can be customized to include your business’ branding, logos, contact information, and more. Drug package offers many different label templates as well as full customization to ensure you get the best label for your needs.

Looking for a Pharmacy Label Supplier?

Drug Package has over 100 years of experience and knowledge to share with their customers, and their expert team is ready to work closely with your business to ensure you get the perfect pharmacy labels for your needs. Drug Package offers affordable rates and impeccable customer service. If you are interested in learning more about Drug Package and their high quality pharmacy labels, contact us today!


Prescription Laser Labels VS Thermal Labels

Prescription laser labels and thermal labels are two popular forms of labels from prescription medication bottles and pill packs. If you have a pharmacy or medical office that is in need of prescription labels, you may be wondering what the differences between these two styles of labels are. Prescription labels are very important to patients as they provide vital instructions for dosage that keep the user safe. For this reason, it is important that you use high quality labels like Drug Package’s prescription labels, that are easy to read and won’t fade or peel. It is also important that you understand the differences between various styles of labels before purchasing so that you can get the best labels for your needs. 

Key Differences Between Laser and Thermal Labels 

  • Prescription Laser Labels – Laser labels can be customized for your pharmacy to be printed on the spot, as needed with your laser printer. One of the biggest benefits of printing laser labels is that they can be printed very fast and produce more labels in a shorter amount of time than other styles of label printing. Drug Package’s laser labels are made up of pressure sensitive labels and bond paper to create a very durable label with a strong adhesive to prevent peeling. These labels are designed for speed and have a strong adhesive backing to form a durable bond with your packaging and prevent peeling.
  • Prescription Thermal Labels – Thermal printed labels use heat to transfer print onto labels. Much like laser printed labels, Drug Packages thermals labels can be designed with custom dimensions and have a strong adhesive backing to prevent peeling. An added benefit of thermal printed labels is that they handle extreme temperature better than other labels, being able to endure high heat and extreme cold without darkening or discoloration.

Whether you prefer prescription laser labels or thermal labels, Drug Package can help you get the supplies you need at an affordable price. With more than 100 years of experience Drug Package has become North America’s preferred pharmacy supply provider, and can help you find the best supplies for your needs. If your business could benefit from high quality, durable, pharmacy labels contact us today, or browse our online products here.