Where to Buy Wholesale Hand Sanitizer

Wholesale hand sanitizer is in high demand as pharmacies, offices, and medical practices start
to get back to normal business hours. It is recommended that hand sanitizer is readily available
for use in high traffic areas, especially when it may be difficult for someone to readily get to soap
and water to wash their hands. Hand sanitizer should be applied regularly throughout the day
when in public or in your place of work, to stop the spread of disease causing germs and
bacteria on communal surfaces. If you are looking for wholesale hand sanitizer to keep in your
place of work, that is FDA approved, Drug Package is here to help.

Benefits of Our FDA Approved Wholesale Hand Sanitizer:

  • Alcohol Content – The FDA requires hand sanitizers to contain at least 60% alcohol by
    volume in order to be considered FDA approved. Alcohol concentrations of 60% and
    higher have the most germ killing ability. Our formula contains 80% alcohol as well as
    added moisturizers in order to effectively sanitize while preventing dryness and irritation.
  • Bulk Availability – Our wholesale hand sanitizer is available in multiple bulk order sizes
    including cases of individual bottles, and screw top jugs from 32 to 128 ounces. All sizes
    are in stock and ready to ship.
  • Affordability – Our bulk sizing allows for bulk pricing, meaning ordering the hand
    sanitizer you need will not break the bank.
    Need to find wholesale hand sanitizer.

Need to find wholesale hand sanitizer?

If you are looking for a bulk supplier of wholesale hand sanitizer, Drug Package can help. For
over a century Drug Package has been supplying high quality, affordable medical and
pharmaceutical supplies, and our hand sanitizer is no exception. If you are in need of hand
sanitizer for your office, medical practice, store, classroom, or any other high traffic area, we can
help you find the right wholesale supply for your needs. Contact us here to learn more.

Hand Sanitizer Bulk Supply

As businesses and schools begin to reopen, hand sanitizer in bulk supplies are becoming more and more sought after. Whether you are needing bulk supplies of individual bottles of hand sanitizer to place around your office, or large gallon jugs to refill dispensers, Drug Package can quickly supply you hand sanitizer bulk orders. As we have gone through the ups and downs of this pandemic, one thing that has been consistent is that people need hand sanitizer, and sometimes it can be hard to find. However, Drug Package has FDA approved formula hand sanitizer in stock and ready to ship in various bulk order configurations. While hand sanitizer does not replace the need to regularly wash our hands, it is an essential tool during this time to disinfect our hands to prevent the spread of germs when coming in contact with communal items and spaces. 

Benefits of our FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer Bulk Supplies:

  • 80% Alcohol – In order to be effective, hand sanitizers must be at least 60% alcohol by volume. Our hand sanitizer is 80% alcohol allowing for maximum germ killing ability.
  • Size Selection – We offer a range of bulk size orders from cases of individual 8oz bottles to 32, 64, and 128 oz screw top jugs.
  • Bulk Pricing – Bulk sizing allows for bulk pricing which allows you to get a high quality product for an affordable price.

Need to place a hand sanitizer bulk order?

If you need to order hand sanitizer in bulk Drug Package is here to help. For over a century Drug Package has been a leading provider of pharmacy and medical supplies, and during these uncertain times we are doing everything in our power to promote health and reduce the spread of the virus. To get a quote or get more information about our FDA approved hand sanitizer, contact us here.

Why Are Pharmacy Labels and Stickers Important?

Pharmacy labels and stickers play an important role in both customer service and safety. Stickers and labels can include simple details such as store hours, location, and contact information for easy access and convenience, but they also provide crucial dosage instructions, medical warnings, drug interactions, and a physical description of the medication to help the pharmacist and patient properly identify the prescription before filling or consuming. Some medications even have government required warnings and details that must be passed on to the patient, which can be effectively accomplished with a bright colored warning sticker. So whether you are looking to simply include your logo and thank you message, or produce more involved pharmacy labels and stickers to provide added knowledge to your patients, Drug Package can help you design custom, high quality, pharmacy labels and stickers for an affordable price or you can choose from their in stock supply.

Why Shop Drug Package for Pharmacy Labels and Stickers?

  • Customization – Drug Package offers complete customization of all their paper products, including stickers and labels. This will allow you to create the perfect labels for your needs with custom dimensions, colors, branding, and information, to keep your patients informed and help build your brand loyalty.
  • Hassle Free Templates – If you are looking for a more standard, one size fits all label, Drug Package also offers a variety of pre designed templates to choose from, to which you simply plug in your information and go.
  • Versatility – In addition to labels and stickers, Drug Package can also provide all pharmacy supplies including prescription pads, ltc carts, hang up bag systems, thank you bags, organization systems, and so much more.

Searching for Reliable Supplier for Pharmacy Labels and Stickers?

If you are looking for a reliable pharmacy supply provider that can serve as a comprehensive pharmacy supplier for labels, stickers, and all other supply needs, contact Drug Package. Drug Package is a leading pharmacy provider and the perfect partner for pharmacies, offering over a century of experience to share with their customers.



AmeriCarts Long Term Care Medication Carts

AmericaCarts long term care medication carts are perfect for any medical or care facility that is looking for a safe and easy to use system to deliver prescriptions to patients. In care facilities where patients have their medication administered to them on a daily basis by staff, it is important that the carts carrying the medication are secured, easy to use, and well organized. These are three key elements that you will want to have in whatever medication carts you use in order to keep your patients safe, and your medicine distribution process efficient. When you use Americarts long term care medication carts, you will receive all of these benefits and more.

Benefits of Americarts Long Term Care Medication Carts:

  • Safety Locks – These medication carts have an auto locking door that is easy to use and does not require codes or complicated mechanisms. This auto locking system simply locks the door to your medications when the door is not in use. This prevents anyone who should not have access to these prescriptions, from being able to use or abuse medication outside of regular distribution, keeping patients safe.
  • Storage and Organization – Americarts stand 42.5 inches tall and are equipped with 10-inch-deep drawers for maximum capacity. The carts also come with adjustable dividers and separate storage areas for liquid medications, allowing you to easily organize and find medications.
  • Convenience – There are many add-ons that are available for carts to make use convenient and efficient. Options like attachable waste baskets, lockers, book holders, light attachments and more can be added to your cart so that you have everything you need, at your fingertips, when delivering medications.

Shopping for Long Term Care Medication Carts?

If you are interested in using Americarts long term care medication carts, contact Drug Package today! Drug Package is a trusted medical and pharmacy supply provider, with over a century of knowledge and experience to help you find the best tools for your practice.

Save Money with SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System

The practices used within your pharmacy to organize and manage filled prescriptions is extremely important to cost management. When a label is placed on the filled prescription, the manufacturer will not accept it as a return. This can be costly for expensive medications, especially when the patient does not pick it up or has refused to pay for it. In these scenarios, the cost of the medication falls directly on the pharmacy.

Introducing the SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System

The SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System provides a simple solution for managing these costs. Color-coded bags are used to manage prescriptions based on patient urgency. This lowers stress levels by making it easier to identify what medicines should be filled first by delivering an easy to follow system:

  • Red – Urgent
  • Yellow – Caution
  • Green – Relax
  • Purple – Attention

The SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System simplifies the process of locating a patient’s medications by making them easily accessible from a hanging rack. While trays have been status quo, they take up more space and have a higher risk of being spilled or mixed up. A bagging system ensures each patient’s prescription is in a sealed, labeled area. They reduce the risk of errors while guaranteeing medications are filled in a timely manner.

Better Management of Expensive Prescription Medications

The SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System provides an easy to use color-coded bag with separate pockets for label storage. One avoidable expense experienced by pharmacies is a patient’s failure to pick up or refusal to pay for high-cost medications. Purple bags prevent costly mistakes when dispensing expensive medications or special orders for patients. They can be used to implement the following practices:

  • Store the medicine and label in one location.
  • Apply the label at time of fulfillment.
  • Store prescription information with the medicine.

Having the ability to keep this information together in one location reduces the risk of filling a prescription that will not be picked up. Once the label is applied, it cannot be returned to most manufacturers. Purple bags can be used to manage these prescriptions and implement processes to eliminate these costs for your pharmacy.

Drug Package, LLC offers the SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System to help pharmacies better manage costs and the prescription fulfillment process. To learn more about this system and how it can help prevent unwanted costs, contact us today!

Is your Pharmacy Switching Software?

Switching software in any business can be a frustrating and difficult process regardless of the industry. In the medical industry, this is an even more tedious task due to the requirements put on businesses regarding consumer data protection and federal regulations. If your pharmacy is making the switch, this process most likely involves transitioning sensitive data or other information to a new system. Processes such as label and form printing must also be changed to work with the new system as well.

Pharmacy software helps improve operations while promoting proper medication management for patient health. This is greatly due to the improved data management experienced with these types of systems. When switching pharmacy software, it is important to realize how much data it actually manages and how intertwined it is with everyday processes such as:


  • Patient Data Tracking
  • Billing Information Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Prescription Fulfillment

This information is only part of the process and any pharmacy switching software also has to take into account their labeling needs. Implemented labeling practices and supplies must work with the new system flawlessly to properly manage prescriptions.

Achieving Positive Results During the Switch

The transition process does not have to be hard or jeopardizing to your business with the right help. Beyond ensuring data is intact and available for pharmacy practices, it is essential to take measures to ensure labels will print correctly and accommodate the differences in how the information is presented by the new software. If the new solution does not match up with your available labels and materials, the following problems may arise:

  • Hard to Read Labels
  • Adhesion Problems
  • Misinformation on Prescriptions
  • Increased Patient Risks
  • Slowed Employee Productivity

If you are considering this change or in the middle of this big change, Drug Package, LLC can help you achieve a seamless transition. Our team will make certain the proper sizes and types of labels are available to work with the new system. Regardless of what software your business uses to accomplish everyday tasks, our team is able to provide the right insight for guaranteed success. Contact us today to ensure your transition is a seamless, positive experience!