Anti-Fatigue Mats for Health Care Workers

Now, more than ever, our health care workers are working hard, around the clock to keep people safe, healthy, and informed during these uncertain times. For healthcare professionals that may be on their feet for long hours at a pharmacy, counter, or nurses station could greatly benefit from the help of anti-fatigue maps. Anti-fatigue mats provide extra padding and support, to make standing for long hours more comfortable. If you are interested in using anti-fatigue mats to help make healthcare professionals in your practice more comfortable as they work long hours, Drug Package can help.  

About Drug Package’s Anti-Fatigue Mats:

  • Comfort – Drug Package’s anti-fatigue mats are 3/8” thick and made of a natural rubber foam material to provide added comfort and support when standing for long amounts of time. Using these mats will help to reduce pressure and pain that can come with regularly working on your feet.
  • Safety – Drug Package’s anti-fatigue mats have beveled edges on all sides as an added safety measure to prevent anyone from tripping over the raised surface.
  • Design – These anti-fatigue mats are designed to be durable and visually appealing. Drug Package’s anti-fatigue mats have a smooth surface made of thermoset vulcanized rubber that is securely bonded to the rubber foam mat to hold up in high traffic areas while providing maximum comfort. The mats are also available in 7 different colors and 4 different sizes to fit in and match wherever you want to use your mat.

Shopping for Anti-Fatigue Mats?

If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about anti-fatigue mats for your pharmacy or medical practice, Drug Package can help. Drug Package has been a trusted provider of medical and pharmaceutical supplies for over a century, and they have the knowledge and experience to help you find the best products for your business. Get a quote here, or contact us today to learn more!

Hang Up Bag Systems for Pharmacy

Hang up bag systems are great organizational tools for pharmacies which help improve wait times and customer service by making it easier to sort and find your customers’ prescriptions. Implementing the use of a hang up bag system in your pharmacy can prevent costly mistakes from being made in filling errors. These hang up bag systems will also keep customers safe, by helping to prevent any medication mix ups. Drug Package offers a color coded bag system that helps to categorize prescriptions by their level of urgency. This system offers four different colored hang up bags, red, yellow, green, and purple, which allow you to mark what orders may need extra attention or have special instructions before delivering them to your customer. Drug Package’s color coded hang up bags are durable, easy to use, spacious, and cost effective. Preventing just one error with these hang up bags can pay for the entire system.

Hang Up Bag Systems – Color Coding:

  • Red/Urgent – The Red bags are marked as urgent. These are prescriptions that should be filled first.
  • Yellow/Caution – These bags are marked yellow to proceed with caution. This means the patient is expected within the next few hours and the prescription must be filled by a certain time.
  • Purple/Attention – Purple bags are used for prescriptions that require extra attention. These prescriptions may contain expensive special orders, or unusual issue prescriptions.
  • Green/Relax – These bags are used for prescriptions that are not needing to be filled immediately, such as when the patient is not expected until the following day, so the prescription may be filled last.

Interested in Hang Up Bag Systems?

If you are interested in learning more about Drug Package’s hang up bag systems visit us here today! Drug Package is a long time pharmacy supply provider with over a century of knowledge and experience to help with your specific needs. Contact us today here or call our friendly customer service reps to learn more!

Where to Find Medication Carts for Pharmacy and Medical Practices

Rolling medication carts are a game changer for hospitals or long term care facilities where medication has to be delivered to patients. Rolling carts allow for easy mobilization and organization to make delivering medication as efficient as possible. When shopping for medication carts there are a few key factors that you should consider. Ideally medication carts should be easy for the nurses or staff to access, while keeping the medication safely locked away from patients, children, or other unauthorized use. Good medication carts will also be easy to operate and have large capacity drawers to store all needed medications. If you are in need of medication carts for your practice that can provide all of these benefits and more, Drug Package offered a durable line of sleek, easy to use, medication carts, that will meet your specific needs. One of the specific lines is the Avalo™ Medication Cart Series. Below we outline the features of the series. If you’d like to view the catalog click here.


About Our Avalo™ Medication Carts

  • Avolo™ Locking systems – Avolo™ medication carts offer 3 different styles of locking mechanisms. Auto Locking carts are accessed with a unique code and automatically lock after a set duration of time with use. Keyless access allows the cart to be unlocked with a four digit code and manually relocked as needed. Key access carts use a standard lock and key method to access and secure the medication cart.
  • Design – There are 3 different sized carts that have large drawer configurations that can hold 350 – 750 punch cards with extra space for liquid medications and other supplies. Our medication carts sport a sleek design and are available in five different colors.
  • Accessories – All of our medication carts are equipped with accessories such as, waste bins, drawer dividers, narcotics storage, laptop trays, and more for your convenience.

Shopping for Medication Carts?

If you are interested in learning more about all our medication cart options contact us today. Drug Package has been a trusted provider of pharmaceutical supplies for over 139 years, and has the knowledge and experience to help you find the best tools for your needs.

Benefits of Organized Pharmacy Shelving Systems

Having the right pharmacy shelving system for your business is the key to proper organization. An organized pharmacy has shorter wait times, efficient customer service, and delivers prescriptions with precise accuracy and attention to detail. All of this keeps your customers safe, happy, and coming back when they need pharmaceutical assistance. A good pharmacy shelving system is absolutely necessary when it comes to organizing prescriptions, so you can deliver this level of service to your customers. Pharmacy shelving for hang up prescription bags allows you to sort, find, and categorize prescriptions with ease. Whether you prefer free standing shelves or a wall mounted systems Drug Package can help you find top of the line, adjustable, and easy to use pharmacy shelving for your hang up bag system. 

Durable Pharmacy Shelving Units

  • Free Standing Revolving Racks – Drug Package’s free standing shelves provide 5 feet of space offering 3, 4, or 5 rings for hanging that are each 20” in diameter. These racks can be used as stationary units or with wheels for ease of movement around your pharmacy.
  • Standard Wall Racks – The standard wall mounted racks can accommodate various sizes of hang up bags as the shelf spacing is adjustable from 24” to 72” in height. These units support 8” deep rod brackets and choice of steel rod width for your hanging needs.
  • Deluxe Wall Racks – The deluxe wall mounted racks boast a durable ½ inch diameter aluminum  frame and have the ability to hang 10 to 12 hang up bags per linear foot. This system will support up to 5 hanging rods that are available in 36” or 48” widths.

Shopping for Pharmacy Shelving Systems?

If you are in need of a durable pharmacy shelving system to organize your pharmacy and improve efficiency, Contact us here today! Drug Package serves as a one stop shop for all your pharmacy supply needs, and with over 139 years of knowledge and experience, we are sure to help you find the best tools for your needs.


Organize Prescriptions with Color Coded Hang Up Bags

Color coded hang up bags help to easily locate and categorize your customers’ prescriptions allowing for shorter wait times and eliminating the need for bulky prescription trays. This color coded hang up bag system allows you to sort prescriptions into four categories by color; red for urgent, yellow for caution, green for relax, and purple for attention. If you want to organize your pharmacy practice and expedite your customer service, color coded hang up bags are the perfect tool to help you meet your goals. In addition to speed and organization, color coded hang up bags provide an added level of protection that will ensure accuracy. This organization system helps keep customers safe by making sure they receive the correct prescription. Organization is key to any successful business, and investing in the right organizational system for your pharmacy is a cost effective investment in your future. 

Color Coded Hang Up Bag Specifications

  • Bag Size – The color coded hang up bags are 9” x 12” and are made of durable, transparent, 4 MIL plastic, with a 9” x 4.5” pouch on the front of the bag and 9” x 3” pouch on the back.
  • Color – The bags are transparent with a one inch strip of color on both sides for organizational purposes. There are four available colors; purple, red, green, and yellow for various levels of urgency.
  • Storage – Up to three bags can be clamped together with large metal bag clasps, providing extra volume as necessary without the need for additional bag sizes.

If you would like to implement the use of color coded hang up bags in your pharmacy, call us today 800-325-6137! Drug Package is North America’s preferred pharmacy supply provider that has over 100 years of experience and knowledge to share with their customers. Drug Package is a one stop shop where you can find all of your pharmacy supply needs for an affordable price, including color coded hang up bags. Contact us today to learn more!


Ordering Pharmacy Supplies Online Through Drug Package is a Stress-free Experience

Pharmacy supplies are an essential part of any well-run business. The wrong choices, lack of provisions, or inefficient practices are capable of diminishing a successful business. Taking the time to run around and find the necessary supplies is a misuse of pertinent business time.

Technology has made it easier to keep these items in stock and find what you need efficiently. Ordering pharmacy supplies online delivers an additional layer of convenience. A larger variety of items are available for purchase and it is easier to re-order supplies with a dedicated supplier. If you do not have a dependable supplier for these items, it is time to consider this option.

Drug Package is Here to Help!

Our team has worked hard to provide an easy-to-use website with all the catalogs and supplies your business needs to be successful. Ordering pharmacy supplies online does not have to be a difficult or stressful task. When visiting our home page, you can navigate to see each product as well as do the following:

To submit a request online, enter your company information and the product information. Our team will contact you with any questions and complete the necessary actions for the request.

As Easy as Just a Couple Clicks

Our website can be used to order one or more products as needed. It may also be used to request free samples or to receive a quote for products. We will provide a quote for any products added to your list. The process for requesting a free sample or a quote are the same as when placing an order online. After clicking on an option, you will be presented with a form, which can be used to obtain a sample, quote or order products online. Enter your contact information and the desired product information into the form. Once submitted, we will begin to process the request. Our team is also available to answer questions about products, orders, or other requests sent through our website.

Shopping Pharmacy Supplies Online – Ordering Does Not Have to Give you a Migraine

Remember the days when looking at a catalog meant going through thousands of pages just to find the one thing you needed? It seems like an unspeakable nightmare from long ago; however, it was not as long ago as you might think. No, this is not the most recent horror movie, physical catalogs were once a reality for businesses and home shoppers alike. Today, this landscape has changed thanks to advancements in technology like the Internet.

With the Internet, most available products are at an individual’s fingertips and this is no different for sales catalogs. Why thumb through pages, when you can perform a quick search or pull up an entire catalog in seconds?! Online catalogs provide an easy way to see what a company has to offer and make the ordering process simpler for businesses in a number of industries. This is especially true when shopping pharmacy supplies, because every business has different requirements based on offered services.

Welcome to a New, Improved Way to Shop

Yes, you might be thinking that this is old news. Online shopping is now common place in the consumer market and most businesses have websites. However, the area of supply catalogs is still a growing, developing concept for many businesses. This is different than just a webpage where a few products are displayed. When shopping pharmacy supplies, there are many specifications to consider and online catalogs deliver this information with just a click.

At Drug Package, we have put together all of our available catalogs for shopping pharmacy supplies in one easy to view location. Visit our new catalog page here.  What’s that you say about online ordering? Online ordering is actually easier with the catalogs accessible through the website. To order, all you need to do is complete these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Place an Order.
  3. Enter Company Information.
  4. Enter the pharmacy supplies you want to order.
  5. Click Submit.

Our representatives will contact you with any questions about your order or put a quote together based on the products. Ordering is not a hassle through Drug Package and our staff is always here to help. Contact us today if you have any questions!