Stand Out This Season with Summer Pharmacy Bags

The summer holidays are just around the corner, and with Drug Package’s decorative 4th of July and summer themed bags, you will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Customers and patients leave your pharmacy every day with pharmacy bags, and fun decorative designs and messages allow your brand to stand out, making your name the first to come to mind when your shoppers need a product or service they know you supply. During the coming summer months, patriotic themed, 4th of July bags will be a fun decorative touch to send home with your shoppers, adding some joy to their shopping experience at your pharmacy.

Why Use Decorative Pharmacy Bags?

  • Brand Recognition – An attractive design on your pharmacy bags will stand out among the crowd, helping your customer’s to remember your name, your brand, and the services and products you supply.
  • Care – Even small details like seasonal decorative bags show your customers that you care and are willing to go the extra mile. Summer pharmacy bags are an easy and affordable way to show your customers you care, and incentives brand loyalty.
  • Affordability – There are many ways to build brand loyalty and recognition, but using summer pharmacy bags this season is an incredibly affordable way to do this. You are already purchasing pharmacy bags to send home with your consumers, and the price difference between themed bags and standard bags is not much. By using decorative pharmacy bags not only are you fulfilling an essential need, but you are getting extra help to build your brand for an incredible price.

Need Summer Pharmacy Bags?

If you are interested in using decorative summer pharmacy bags this season, contact Drug Package. Drug Package is a long time provider of pharmacy supplies that has been providing high quality pharmacy essentials for over a century. Drug Package is ready to help you find the supplies you need to run a successful business. Get a quote or contact us here today!

Make Drive Up Pharmacy Service Simple with a Hang Up Bag System

In today’s climate of drive up and contactless service, all industries are learning to adapt to the new normal, including pharmacies. If you are feeling overwhelmed with how busy your pharmacy drive-up service has become, a hang up bag system can help you get organized and get into a steady rhythm during these stressful times. Hang up bag systems not only help you establish an organized rhythm, but also provide an added layer of safety for your consumers, as these systems are easy to read and help to prevent mix ups or incorrectly filled orders. If you are looking for a safe, easy to use, organizational system for your pharmacy or medical practice, a hang up bag system from Drug Package will help. 

Benefits of Drug Package’s Hang Up Bag Systems:

  • Color Coded – Drug Package’s Smartflow hang up bag system comes with four different colors to easily code bags by levels of urgency. With this color coded system in place it is easy to see which prescriptions are ready to go or need extra attention. This system helps to organize orders and prevent costly mistakes by increasing accuracy.
  • Efficient – This coded back system allows the pharmacists to easily and quickly comprehend the status of the prescription, any further action that needs to be taken, and what contents are in the hang up bag. This allows for quick and efficient workflow in addition to accuracy and organization.
  • Affordable – Drug Package’s Smartflow hang up bag systems are available in quantities from 10 to 200 bag units,  and bundle discounts for larger orders. These systems allow for easy organization that won’t break the bank.

Looking for the Best Hang Up Bag System?

If you are interested in organizing and increasing your pharmacy’s drive up efficiency with a hang up bag system, contact Drug Package today. Drug Package is a one stop shop for pharmacy supplies. With over a century of knowledge and experience to share with their customers, Drug Package is sure to help you find the tools you need to run a successful pharmacy. Get a quote here of contact us today to learn more!

Make An Impression with Mother’s & Father’s Day Bags

Mother’s and Father’s day are just around the corner, and you can easily make a lasting impression on your customers with custom pharmacy bags. Customized holiday pharmacy bags show your customers that you are willing to go the extra mile. For this upcoming spring season, using custom bags will not only bring a smile to your customer’s face, but will also help build your brand loyalty without breaking the bank. The attractive designs will cause your buyers to take a second glance, and when these pharmacy bags are customized with your business’ name and branding information, it will help your customers know where to come back to next time they have a need you can fulfill. Your customers are leaving your business every day with pharmacy bags, so you might as well take advantage of the usable space with custom holiday bags to promote your brand and keep your customers coming back. 

Need Custom Mother’s & Father’s Day Bags?

Drug Package offers a fun and attractive line of customizable holiday gift bags for an affordable price. They also have the ability to customize the contact and branding information that is printed on their high quality, gusseted, 5 x 2 x10 pharmacy bags, and offer reduced rates when you order in bulk. Drug Package’s fun and colorful holiday designs are loved by customers and are sure to catch the eyes of your buyers. If you are interested in getting your name out there with the use of custom Mother’s & Father’s Day, Drug Package is here to help! We have been helping pharmacies since 1881, so we have the knowledge and ability to help you find the best tools and supplies for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our holiday bags and competitive pricing!

Why Use Custom Holiday Pharmacy Bags

If you have a pharmacy business, you are familiar with the use of pharmacy bags. Countless pharmacy bags leave you practice every day containing your customer’s prescriptions. So why not use your pharmacy bags to catch your customer’s eye, and leave a lasting impression with custom holiday pharmacy bags this season. Decorative bags are a simple and affordable way to create a memorable and aesthetically pleasing package. Festive fall holiday pharmacy bags from Drug Package LLC, will bring a bit of fun into your customer’s regular routine and express the care and extra thought behind the products and services provided by your business.  With holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner, this is the perfect time to place an order for some fall themed pharmacy bags that are sure to catch your customer’s eye.

Drug Package – Pharmacy Bags and Supplies 

Drug Package’s line of holiday pharmacy bags is both high quality and affordable, making these bags a popular pharmacy commodity.  While fall is just around the corner, stocking up on their fun fall holiday pharmacy bags is a must, but what about the rest of the year?  Drug Package has you covered for seasonal themed bags all year round. Christmas, 4th of July, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s, and everything else that happens throughout the year. Drug Package has a fun pharmacy bag to make your customers smile when they purchase your products.

Drug Package LLC manufactures a large variety of pharmacy supplies, and has been in business since 1881, making them the most experienced pharmacy product supplier in North America. In addition to pharmacy bags, we also offer a full line of pharmacy supplies including products like prescription labels, blister packs, mortars and pestles, medication carts, and so much more for pharmacies, hospitals, and long term care facilities.  In addition to having a large range of products, we can customize many of our paper products to best suit your business’ needs.

To learn more about our products like custom holiday pharmacy bags, shop our online categories, or call our professional customer service representatives today – 800-325-6137.





Custom Pharmacy Dispensing Bags Are A Fun Approach to Gaining Repeat Visitors

One of the biggest struggles for any new or well-established business is finding ways to continuously bring in new business while maintaining the current customer base. A change in one area, could result in repeat customers choosing to go somewhere else. While not making any changes has the opposite effect of no new business. It takes the perfect balance of services, products, and offerings to maintain the right traffic flow.

Custom pharmacy dispensing bags are an easy way to send out the right message and increase visibility. Generic designs are common for most pharmacies because the prescription is viewed as the most important item. However, placing a custom design on the holder for these items allows your business to stand out and get noticed by potential customers. It is a small investment toward achieving this goal.

How Do Custom Designs Increase Visibility?

The most noticeable impact custom pharmacy dispensing bags have for any business is name and brand promotion. New prospects will see the bag when used by existing customers. Not to mention these branded items are great for special community events and can be handed out during a variety of occasions.

Here are a few other ways custom pharmacy dispensing bags help your business attract new customers:

  • Increase Website Traffic Flow – A business website has become a staple as more people rely on the Internet to find information. Placing this information on your dispensing bags makes it easy for the word to get out.
  • Show the Fun Side of Your Business – Custom designs create a unique atmosphere that welcomes existing and new customers to walk in your doors. They allow you to connect with customers on a different level than generic designs.
  • Get the Word Out About Offered Services – Customization makes it easy to showcase specific services to increase overall traffic to your business.

Custom pharmacy dispensing bags not only show pertinent information about a business, but also create opportunities to reach a broader customer base. They can include fun designs for holidays, seasons, specific age groups, and more! If you are still using generic designs for prescription fulfillment, it is time to consider an upgrade. Drug Package offers a number of customization options from materials to color combinations. Contact our team today to learn more!

Veterinary Pharmacy Bags – Get Noticed While Giving Back to Your Customers

Pets are more than just an animal! They are an important member of the family that deserves the same love and care their owners receive when given medications. Little things such as a fun bag or unexpected gift make all the difference to customers. Veterinary pharmacy bags offer a simple, affordable way to show customers what your business is all about. Pharmacy bags provide company information such as a logo, name, and phone number to the customer with the pet’s prescriptions. A plain white bag will not get your business the attention it deserves! Taking the time to design a unique and fun alternative will ensure every individual receives a useful, amusing reward for their business.


Customize bags to show the love and care you have for animals or the amusing side of the business. Images or fun designs serve as an attention grabber both to the customer and anyone else who sees the item. They encourage others to ask about your business and may be used in various ways to gain recognition in the community or to thank customers.

Here are a few ways veterinary pharmacy bags may be used when caring or providing for pets and their owners:

  • Prescriptions –  Place medicine and all necessary information into one easy to carry item.
  • Thank You Gift –  Include treats, information, discounts, or gifts as a thank you to the customer for their continued business.
  • Get Well Soon Pack –  Make a special bag just to encourage the pet to get better soon. Use it to hold treats, toys, or other rewards geared toward a speedy recovery!
  • Welcome Packs – Use custom bags to create a welcome pack with all the information a new customer would need along with extra perks!

Custom veterinary pharmacy bags allow you to be whimsical while showing dedication to the community and customers. Hand them out on a school career day, at a veterinary convention, during promotions, or just to customers in the store to spread the word about your business.

Here at Drug Package, we understand the importance of providing the right information in a memorable and fun way to customers. Our team will help you create fun, noticeable veterinary pharmacy bags for every occasion.

Browse our selection here, or call today for more information 800-325-6137





Drug Package Spring Summer Bags

Retailers recognize when selling products to customers, they should always consider the style and aesthetic nature of the product. A customer’s eye is naturally drawn to colorful and inviting imagery, so when it comes to personalized, printed paper bags provided by Drug Package, LLC, these printed paper bags offered to customers are a practical and colorful way to enhance your store image, improve your ability to promote your business, and create a memorable branding logo that will work toward drawing attention to both your company’s name and location.

Features of our Spring Printed Paper Bags

Our environmentally friendly, recyclable printed paper bags are designed to package contents of many shapes and sizes – from prescription bottles to OTC medication, and from cosmetics to personal valuables. The printed paper bags offered by Drug Package are available in many colorful designs and come in the convenient size of 5” x 2” x 10”. They are sold in quantities of 500 per box with a 2 box minimum that can mixed and matched for your convenience.

Our Entire Line of Pharmacy Bags

Drug Package, LLC. offers a complete line of printed paper bags for all of the available holidays seasons, or simply for everyday use. These colorful, vibrant, and eye catching designs are in no way limited to merely mortars and pestles, cartoon pills, and patients. You can visit our product pages, or speak to one of our representatives about our holiday and seasonal printed paper bag collections for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or simply for everyday usage. In addition, you can choose wine bags and veterinary bags. We have a bag for every occasion!

Browse all the types of printed paper bag varieties available from Drug Package, LLC below:

  • Christmas Bags: Colorful bags featuring different festive bag designs and styles.
  • Patriotic Gift Bags: Display your patriotism to our hallowed red, white, and blue with one of many Independence Day designs, featuring two bag styles.
  • Personalized Bags: Personalize your bag any way you see fit by using any of eighteen stock colors, or three bag styles. We can also color match any custom color you desire.
  • T Shirt Bags: Plastic, waterproof and tear resistant are perfect for larger purchases.
  • Thank You Bags: A wonderful way to thank your customers for their continued patronage and bring them back into your pharmacy.
  • Twisted Handle Bags: Customers love saving and reusing these types of bags. Keeps your brand awareness in their drawers and shelves.
  • Veterinary Bags: Show your fondness for your favorite four-legged creature.
  • Wine Bags: Display your beverage cheerfully with any of the handful of wine inspired bag designs we offer.

Spanish Holiday Pharmacy Bags: Is Your Business Ready to Spread a Little Cheer?

Is your pharmacy ready for the upcoming festive celebrations? For many customers, the holidays are special time where they celebrate with family and friends. By taking measures to join in on the festivities, you can be certain that everyone walking through the door feels happy and is more inclined to provide their business. Spanish holiday pharmacy bags offer an affordable way to easily gain the attention of individuals as they pick up their meds or supplies. They are a way to share the holiday spirit and delight customers at the same time!

A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Spanish holiday pharmacy bags are able to hold prescription medicine bottles and come in several colorful designs. Why not let customers know that you appreciate their business by celebrating each holiday of the year? A festive design for a pharmacy bag helps to up the game of your business. These simple packaging items help shoppers celebrate the season while also keeping the company name at the forefront of the customer’s mind.

Customers are more likely to shop at businesses who partake in the festivities. It makes them feel happy and reminds them of good times. Here are a few of the benefits gained by using Spanish holiday pharmacy bags:

• Shows Customer Appreciation
• Keeps You in the Eyes of Consumers
• Great Way to Advertise Company
• Cost Effective Form of Marketing
• Creates Positive Brand Image

Whether a small, independent provider or a large chain, customers choose to provide their business to companies who make them feel appreciated. Spanish holiday pharmacy bags are one way to provide this feeling among shoppers.

What Are Some Additional Benefits?

Pharmacy bags are a low-cost investment since it is possible to purchase a count of 500 for less than $25. Such a high count at a low cost makes it easy to stock a variety of bags for every upcoming festive time. Even if they are not all used right now, you will be able to bring them out again next year! Pharmacy bags come in unique designs to make celebrating the festive Spanish holiday a breeze. The varying designs provide a different scene for each customer who walks in to pick up their prescription.

Donating the bags to charitable events or using them at gatherings will further promote your company. Of course, additional designs may be purchased to celebrate every festive time of year from Halloween to the 4th of July! Whatever the festivities, a well-designed pharmacy bag will brighten the mood of any customer. Use them to decorate, hand them out to the kiddos with treats, or place a holiday ornament in as part of the prescription. These inexpensive, little bags offer a world of opportunities when it comes to marketing your business.

If you are looking for some unique Spanish holiday designs, Drug Package offers four options to captivate your customers. Each bag is 5’ x 2’ x 10” and can be ordered in two or six case quantities. A case may consist of assorted designs and holds 500 bags. Give us a call today or go online to submit your order. The holidays are just around the corner! Download Catalog Here