Four Types of Wholesale Pharmacy Labels to Buy in Bulk

custom-pharmacy-labelsIn the retail industry, the word wholesale is used in two ways: In the traditional sense, the word is used to refer to products that a retailer buys from a supplier in a large quantity in order to sell the goods to consumers. However, the word is also used to refer to products that a retailer buys from a supplier for its own, internal business practices and not to sell directly to consumers.

The latter example is how we use the word wholesale in this entry, as we highlight four types of wholesale pharmacy labels that are beneficial for most pharmacies to purchase in bulk: personalized prescription labels, prescription auxiliary labels, and blank labels. If you need any of these labels, you can find them in plentiful supply in our online store.

Prescription Labels
For most pharmacies, prescription labels are the most used type of labels, which makes buying them in bulk a highly cost effective option. However, before you buy them as wholesale pharmacy labels, be sure that the personalized prescription labels you will purchase are compatible with your prescription label printing system, are the right size for the area of application, and contain adhesive (e.g., pressure sensitive) that keeps them securely in place on prescription vials. Personalization allows for a unique branding opportunity for logo, name address and phone number preprinted in color to make easy refill. Ordering personalized labels in large, bulk quantities adds savings.

Auxiliary Labels
Most pharmacies use several types of auxiliary labels, particularly warning labels that tell patients about common side effects of a medication (e.g., drowsiness and dizziness), route of administration labels that indicate where a medication should be dosed (e.g., mouth or nose), and administration instruction labels that give instructions for using a medication (e.g., don’t shake or don’t chew). Auxiliary labels that pharmacies use daily are ideal to order in bulk.

Blank Labels
Blank labels can serve a wide variety of needs. You can pass them through a printing system and apply them to prescription vials after they contain the necessary information, apply them to medication cards, place them on large pharmacy pill containers, stick them on cold storage containers, and the list goes on. Ordering labels in large, bulk quantities adds savings.

Need Wholesale Pharmacy Labels?
If your pharmacy is in the market for wholesale pharmacy labels, Drug Package can supply you with stock labels that are ready for immediate shipment. Or, if one of our stock products doesn’t perfectly address your requirements, we can create a custom solution that does. Ordering our wholesale pharmacy labels is easy. Just select the products you need and order online, or give us a call at (800) 325-6137. Contact us today to order high-quality, wholesale pharmacy labels!