cbd bags

What Are CBD Bags and Who Needs Them?

CBD bags are a packaging product that have grown in popularity as the hemp and cannabis industry has done the same. CBD bags are a great solution to packaging  CBD, hemp, and cannabis supplies that will keep your products secure and clearly marked as “pharmacist formulated CBD products” so there are no questions or mix ups. CBD bags are convenient, affordable, and can accommodate a large variety of products, making them a great asset for any drug store or pharmaceutical practice that provides CBD products. 

Benefits of Using CBD Bags:


  • Separation – These clearly marked CBD bags help you keep your CBD products separate from your other pharmacy and drug store products, much like a prescription bag, so that you know exactly where these products are when you need them. These bags also insure that your CBD supplies do not get mixed in with other products you may be bringing home to your family. CBD products are necessary and can be costly, so this clearly marked packaging is a convenient, added layer of protection. 
  • Product line diversity – We offer two different sizes of CBD bags that are 5″ x 2″ x 10″ for smaller items as well as 6lb square bottom bags for larger orders and items. These bags are able to accommodate a variety of different sizes and styles of CBD products to easily hold everything from glass oil bottles to edible products, and more. 
  • Affordability – Both sizes of our CBD bags come in cases of 500 bags per case, allowing us to offer the same, affordable, bulk pricing that keeps your overhead down while always having a healthy supply of the bags you need on hand. 


Need CBD Bags?

If you are looking for CBD bags for your practice, contact Drug Package. Drug Package has the knowledge of over 100 years of pharmacy supply experience to help provide you with hassle free supply and shipping of all pharmacy products, including CBD bags. Contact us here to learn more!