Let Drug Package Help You Change From Laser to Thermal Labels

If your pharmacy or medical practice has been using laser prescription labels, but you are wanting to make the change from laser to thermal labels, Drug Package can help. Thermal labels are great for pharmacy and prescription use, because they are durable, customizable, and easy to read. These are all important qualities to have in a prescription label as they contain pertinent information to help keep the patient safe. Using high quality, easy to read labels, adds a layer of protection for the patient, ensuring they can access these important details when necessary. If your pharmacy is ready to make the change from laser to thermal labels, Drug Package is ready to help make it happen

What Is The Difference Between Laser and Thermal Labels?

  • Printing Process – One of the key differences between laser and thermal labels is in how they are printed. Laser labels are simply printed from a laser printer, much like you would use in a home office. Thermal labels are printed using heat to transfer the information onto your label, which helps with durability.
  • Durability – While laser labels may be able to be printed faster, thermal labels are more durable and can handle higher temperatures without becoming discolored or hard to identify and read. This is important, as the label often contains information that is pertinent to keeping the customer safe when identifying medication and taking the correct dose. 
  • Customization – Both laser and thermal labels are able to be fully customized to include specific sizes, brand colors, logos, or store information. Drug Package will work closely with your business to design the best prescription labels for your needs.

Want To Change From Laser To Thermal Labels?

If you think making the change from laser to thermal labels is the right move for your practice, contact drug package today! Drug Package is a long time provider of pharmacy supplies, including prescription labels. With over 130 years of experience to share with their customers, Drug Package can help you find the best pharmacy supplies for your needs.