Reasons to Choose Custom Blister Cards

Blister cards are common in the pharmaceutical industry because they offer an affordable safety measure for both over-the-counter products and customer prescriptions. The card consists of pre-formed plastic, which forms a cavity for holding the medicine. A seal derived from aluminum foil or plastic is then used to finish the packaging. This type of packaging protects the housed item from humidity, contamination, and tampering. Custom blister cards offer a number of additional benefits outside the typical reasons this option is chosen in the pharmaceutical industry.

A Few Good Reasons to Go Custom

Blister card solutions ordered from a provider are usually referred to as “stock packaging”. This is because the provider has a pre-printed design they sell to companies for housing a product. With stock designs, a label is often attached to show the company information. Standard options have limited design choices including only a few specific sizes and styles. They do not provide opportunities to add your company brand or to tailor the packaging to further meet customer needs.

Custom packaging has a unique design to assist with the storing, transportation, handling, and selling of a product. A tailor-made design also ensures that the packaging fits the merchandise precisely. With custom blister cards, the backing or seal, size, and counts can be tailored to meet more precise needs. For example, let’s say you want to add the company logo or a special column for customer medications, then custom blister cards are the easiest way to make it happen. This choice provides several benefits for both branding and customer satisfaction including:

  • Personalized Cards – The option allows you to add a logo, the company name, address, and special design features.
  • Wider Count Selection – With standard designs, card count selections are limited, Custom designs provide further options such as 28, 31, 62, or even multi-medication packs.
  • Choose from One or Two Pieces – Stock choices usually consist of two pieces (card and blister). Custom blister cards provide the option of one piece cards, which reduce required storage space as well as packaging time.
  • Various Sizes & Types – This option offers a larger number of choices including a variety of sizes, styles, and sealing options.

Beyond these unique benefits, custom blister cards provide better product protection, make it easier to manage doses, take up less storage space, and are easy to manage in a pharmacy environment. If you are looking for a personalized, custom blister card solution, the team at Drug Packing offers a number of possibilities to help you properly brand and disperse medications. Whether you are a pharmacy or pharmaceutical product provider, our team will help you get the best solution for your specific packaging needs. Give us a call today!

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