Cold Seal Blister Cards – Improved Medication Management without the Fuss!

Medication management is a big deal in every avenue of health care due to the dangers seen when someone receives the wrong medication, skips a dose, or doubles a dose. Blister cards offer increased safety because they make it easier to track one or multiple medications over a course of time.

Cards may be created using a heat or a cold seal. The latter is a newer alternative where only pressure is needed to complete the seal. Heat sealing involves additional factors such as temperature and time. For this among other reasons, many companies are switching to cold seal blister cards.

What Types of Blister Cards are Available?

Cold seal blister cards are a reliable option for packaging over-the-counter or prescription medications. They can be custom printed and come in a number of designs including:

  • One Piece – Designed like a book, this option provides ample room for a label, wide blisters to accommodate different pill sizes, space saving opportunities, and offers reduced packaging time.
  • Two Pieces – Similar to the one piece, this design has two sheets for accommodating a higher pill count.
  • Multi-Med Kits – A simple solution for anyone who must take multiple pills over a time period (day, week, or month). Kits can hold several medications with the time and dosage information included.
  • Controlled Dose & Unit Dose – A color coded card capable of holding a person’s medication for an entire week. They provide an easy to store option with complete accountability.

Each option has its own set of benefits including accountability, improved dosage management, and safer storage. Cold seal blister cards are designed to deliver a cost-effective solution to improved handling of medication whether used by the individual or a care taker. All designs provide ample room to place labels printed on-site and are sealed with a strong adhesive to ensure dependability. Cold seal blister cards provide a simple option that does not require heat or entail separate inserts.

Shopping for Cold Seal Blister Cards?

Drug Package offers a variety of options to meet your specific needs. Our team will work with you to determine which design best suits your facility or pharmacy needs. Contact us today to learn more about each choice and to get started!