Cold Seal Blister Cards From Drug Package: 5 Diverse Benefits

Pharmacies have dispensed medication in blister cards for years. But the design of blister cards hasn’t remained static. Features have gradually been added that distinguish cards in terms of patient populations, the needs of different pharmacies (closed door, retail, independent retail, etc.), the practices of physicians, and medication packaging technologies.

Two Piece Cold Seal Blister Cards

Our book-fold cold seal blister cards offer several design options that deliver a diverse range of benefits for different parties to the healthcare process. Below are five examples of these benefits and the important roles they play in the dispensing, dosing, and monitoring of prescription medications.

  1. Pharmacy Branding

Our cold seal blister cards come with ample space for applying adhesive labels that showcase your brand and provide essential prescription information (patient name, drug name and strength, dosing instructions, etc.). Place adhesive labels of various sizes in the upper left portion on the front of the card, where they can be read easily by pharmacists and patients.

  1. Medication Information

In addition to placing prescription information on your adhesive label on the card’s front, you can record prescription information on the back side of the card. This feature lets you capture any essential information not featured on the front side adhesive label. Information fields include “start date”, “reorder date”, “expiration date”, and much more.

  1. Pill Counting

Blisters are sequentially numbered to quick reference how many pills have been removed. Pills that are routinely counted at doctor appointments for medication monitoring (e.g., opioids) are ideally placed in blister cards to prevent human error. Sequentially numbered blisters eliminate the time-consuming tasks of counting pills, and then recounting to ensure accuracy.

  1. Different Blister Sizes

Choose between three blister sizes: small, medium, and large. Order only the large size and use it for all pills. Or order all blister sizes, and use them to keep smaller, non-coated pills from shedding pill dust, as they jostle in a large blister.

  1. Light Resistant Blisters

Consistent exposure to light can damage medications, weakening their compaction and efficacy. Pills that are taken daily and reordered monthly usually aren’t in existence long enough to suffer serious light damage, but prescriptions that are taken and reordered as-needed often are.

Protect pills from light damage by using cold seal blister cards with light-resistant, transparent, amber colored blisters. It’s the same form of light protection found in a pharmacy’s amber colored pill vials.

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Cold seal blister cards from Drug Package LLC are designed with several parties in mind. Created to promote pharmacy branding, provide comprehensive prescription information for patients, assist physicians with pill counting, accommodate pills of different sizes, and preserve medication from light damage, our two-sided book-fold blister cards are truly made for a diverse audience.

To place an order for cold seal blister cards, or to learn about our other blister card products, call us today at (800) 325-6137, or send us an email using our contact form. We look forward to supplying best-in-class blister packaging!