SmartFlow Hang-Up Bags

Organize Prescriptions with Color Coded Hang Up Bags

Color coded hang up bags help to easily locate and categorize your customers’ prescriptions allowing for shorter wait times and eliminating the need for bulky prescription trays. This color coded hang up bag system allows you to sort prescriptions into four categories by color; red for urgent, yellow for caution, green for relax, and purple for attention. If you want to organize your pharmacy practice and expedite your customer service, color coded hang up bags are the perfect tool to help you meet your goals. In addition to speed and organization, color coded hang up bags provide an added level of protection that will ensure accuracy. This organization system helps keep customers safe by making sure they receive the correct prescription. Organization is key to any successful business, and investing in the right organizational system for your pharmacy is a cost effective investment in your future. 

Color Coded Hang Up Bag Specifications

  • Bag Size – The color coded hang up bags are 9” x 12” and are made of durable, transparent, 4 MIL plastic, with a 9” x 4.5” pouch on the front of the bag and 9” x 3” pouch on the back.
  • Color – The bags are transparent with a one inch strip of color on both sides for organizational purposes. There are four available colors; purple, red, green, and yellow for various levels of urgency.
  • Storage – Up to three bags can be clamped together with large metal bag clasps, providing extra volume as necessary without the need for additional bag sizes.

If you would like to implement the use of color coded hang up bags in your pharmacy, call us today 800-325-6137! Drug Package is North America’s preferred pharmacy supply provider that has over 100 years of experience and knowledge to share with their customers. Drug Package is a one stop shop where you can find all of your pharmacy supply needs for an affordable price, including color coded hang up bags. Contact us today to learn more!


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