Custom Pharmacy Labels: When Are They Needed?

Pharmacies commonly order pharmacy labels that are pre-designed to meet common labeling needs, but there are also times when pharmacies need custom pharmacy labels that a drug package company who creates custom products can supply. There are any number of situations in which pharmacies may require custom medicine labels for the medications that they dispense. Below are four common examples of situations that indicate need for custom pharmacy labels.

  1. Compounded Medications That Have a Unique Formulation

Some patients need compounded medications that feature two or more medicines in one solution. Often, these medicines have uncommon dosages that are impossible to order from a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Along with custom dosages comes the need for custom pharmacy labels that indicate how the medication should be taken and its potential side effects. When it comes to compounded medications, custom labels may be ordered on a one-off basis.

  1. New Prescription Medications That Recently Hit the Market

New prescriptions that feature unique formulations often have different usage protocols than medicines that already exist, even when they are in the same class as the new one. Naturally, most pharmacies wish to offer their customers the latest prescriptions available to improve patient health outcomes. To help accomplish this, pharmacies may require custom labels for medications that were just released.

  1. Need to Provide Special Assistance for Special Populations

Custom pharmacy labels are also required to address the unique needs of special patient populations. For example, visually impaired customers may need labels that contain prescription information in braille. As another example, customers who are blind to certain colors may require auxiliary labels that feature prominent colors that color blind individuals can see with ease.

  1. New Information About the Effects of an Existing Medication

Throughout their lifespan, medications are tested to judge their efficacy — or their lack of efficacy, as the case may be — for treating certain conditions. In some cases, tests reveal crucial information about a medication that was previously unknown. When that information can impact health outcomes, it should be prominently featured on a pharmacy label for the medicine. In this situation, what is originally a custom label may become applied as a standard practice.

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Custom pharmacy labels help pharmacists address a variety of situations in which medications need custom labeling options to provide crucial dosing information and information about side effects to pharmacy customers. Along with the benefits provided to the customer, many pharmacies use custom labels to promote their brand. These labels often live in medicine cabinets for months, so pharmacies should take advantage and make the best use of pharmacy labels through branding. If your pharmacy is looking for an experienced supplier of custom pharmacy labels, using us as your trusted pharmacy label provider is the answer.

We have over 130 years of experience in supplying pharmacies with the labeling products they need to help improve medication adherence, provide information about side effects, and, ultimately, improve patient health outcomes. For more information about our custom pharmacy labels and other products, call us at (800) 325-6137, or request a quote today. We look forward to supplying you with the labels you need to best serve customers!