Deb Hilderbrand Celebrates 45 Years with Drug Package, LLC

DebWe are so lucky that 45 years ago Deb Hilderbrand decided to apply for a job with us! Having an employee like Deb for 45 years is one of the key ingredients that has allowed Drug Package, LLC to grow and prosper. We are grateful Deb made the decision to begin her career with us, and even happier she stayed.

Deb Hilderbrand started with Drug Package, LLC on May 31, 1972, at the age of 18. Hired as a typist, entering orders on gel machines, she eventually moved on to proof reading orders. Next on her stop was the Commission Department, typing commission sheets. When computers entered the workplace, this job became obsolete, but Deb was transferred to the Sales Department and tasked with managing wholesale accounts, chain accounts, and key accounts. Her vast company knowledge and experience has made Deb a key accounts manager for over 20 years.

“I always try my best, the customer comes first.  I love my job.  I talk to a lot of people every day and customers across the US have become my friends. It’s not all about the money, 45 years ago I started at $1.70/hr, it’s about the lifelong friends you make.  That’s why I stay,” said Deb Hilderbrand.

Forty-five years of service is certainly rare and something to be extremely proud of. We are happy to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment with Deb. Thank you Deb, and congratulations on many jobs well done through the years!