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DosePlanner Software: Offering Pharmacies a Competitive Edge

DosePlanner™ is software designed to enhance productivity for pharmacies using blister packaging for prescriptions. DosePlanner™ will help manage your clients using adherence/compliance prescription packaging. Easily organize clients individually or by groups. Reduce errors and keep prescription information up to date with interfaces into your pharmacy management systems.

Integrating the software with an automated prescription filling system helps pharmacies reduce errors and gain a competitive edge in several ways. For Drug Package, LLC customers across the U.S., this “edge” is comprised by the following benefits of the software, among others.

  1. Optimizes Label Use

The software saves money by reducing the need for labels. For example, instead of requiring separate production runs to create labels for our Multi-Med® Home Care Cards, the software can print a single label that contains multiple prescriptions.

DosePlanner software is optimized for use with forms and labels from Drug Package, LLC. In addition to reducing labels for the Multi-Med® Home Care Cards, the software makes label use more efficient for our Standard, Extra Large and Jumbo Controlled Dose Blister Card. DosePlanner will optimize your patient medications placement to use less cards! If you use a large volume of blister card labels, the software can deliver an attractive return-on-investment (ROI) due to reduced label use.

  1. Saves Time

As your volume of blister cards grows, filling these cards manually can take hours a day. DosePlanner will be able to grow with you from a manual operation to a semi-automated or fully automated operation. This will help you save time by automating redundant processes and also maintaining a familiar interface for controlling the packaging operation.

  1. Photo I.D. Option

DosePlanner ID LabelDosePlanner software removes human error from the pill counting process, but it doesn’t remove the potential to mistakenly fill a prescription for the wrong person. For example, pharmacist who’s exceptionally busy might access the wrong patient record due to similar patient names in the system.

The software helps prevent this situation by letting you attach a photo I.D. to patient records. This feature benefits pharmacies at large but is especially helpful for pharmacies that serve nursing homes. Many nursing home residents lack the awareness to point out prescription errors. Attaching a photo I.D. to their record helps ensure they get the right meds.

  1. User-Friendly

The advantages above depend on the user-friendliness of DosePlanner software. Learning to use the program involves a small learning curve and favors practically anyone familiar with the basic aspects of using software applications (e.g., filling in data fields, clicking command functions, selecting options from drop-down lists, etc.). The software is easy to understand and requires minimal training.

Learn More Today

The factors above are among the many advantages DosePlanner software offers pharmacies. To explore the full range of benefits, check out the DosePlanner catalogue page on our website, call us today at (800) 325-6137, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to assisting you!

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