Durable Medication Pill Cards – Necessary Pharmacy Supplies

Medication pill cards are a great packaging option for prescription medications, that will effectively protect medication in packaging that is easy to use for both the consumer and the provider. Medication pill cards from Drug Package, LLC have a revolutionary two piece, tri fold design, that allow pills to be easily placed and then sealed during assembly. This card design is just as easy to use for the consumer as medication can be simply accessed and tracked on the easy to read packaging. The tri fold packaging provides a day counter for the consumer that allows medication and dosage to be tracked day by day, ensuring medication is taken correctly and on time. If your pharmacy or medical practice is interested in this durable, easy to use packaging, Drug Package, LLC can help you find the best durable medication pill cards for your needs.

Benefits of Durable Medication Pill Cards

  • Our pill cards are class B approved packaging.
  • We offer customization of pill cards that allow you to include branding such as logos, store information, slogans, and other info that help keep your packaging memorable and your customers coming back.
  • These pill cards are also offered in three different sizes from medium to extra-large, making Drug Package’s medication pill cards easily compatible with various prescriptions.
  • The two-piece book design of the pill card adds extra protection for the enclosed pills while providing ample space for verbiage and important prescription information on the packaging.

Who Is Drug Package, LLC?

Drug Package, LLC is North America’s first choice provider of pharmacy supplies. Drug Package provides pharmacies, long term care facilities, and doctor’s offices with supplies like pill cards, medication carts, prescription labels, and more all at affordable prices. Drug Package has been in operation since 1881 and with over 100 years of experience under their belt, they have become pharmacy supply experts. Drug Package is a one stop shop for everything your pharmacy needs to run smoothly. Contact us today or browse our online products here.

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