Easy Fill Medication Cards

Medication cards also known as blister packs, are used to provide consumers with medication in durable, secure, packaging that is easy to read and use. Drug Package’s innovative two-piece medication card design is easy to fill and just as easy for consumers to use and keep track of their medication. Drug Package’s two-piece, tri-fold, medication card design is made to protect your customer’s medication and provide important medical information in a safe and easy manner. If you are interested in purchasing affordable, durable, prescription packaging for your pharmacy, we can help provide you with the best easy fill medication cards for your needs. 

Benefits of Buying Easy Fill Medication Cards from Drug Package, LLC

  • Customizable – our medication cards are available in 3 different sizes, medium, large, and extra-large, which can be customized for your business’ branding. Logos, store information and more can be custom printed onto blister packs to promote customer loyalty and keep your name in the forefront of your consumer’s minds.
  • Medication Tracking – The tri fold design provides a day tracking system to ensure medication is taken on time and to help consumers accurately track their dossing.
  • Easy to Fill – The two-part design of these medication cards allows for easy filling and packaging. Medication is easily placed into the blister portion of the card before being assembled which allows for faster packaging.

Who Is Drug Package, LLC?

Drug Package, LLC has been a provider of high quality pharmaceutical supplies since 1881. With our 100+ years of experience you can trust that we have the knowledge and ability to help you find the pharmacy tools and supplies that best suit your needs. Whether it is medication cards, labels, bags, or other pharmacy tools and packaging, we can help. Contact us today or shop our online store to get a quote for medication cards or any other pharmacy products you need.