Eco-Friendly Tote Bags – A Fun Way to Market Your Business

Tote bags are a common marketing choice for many businesses these days because they provide an alternative over plastic and offer a sturdy way to carry purchases. Since they may be customized with a company name, slogan, or catchy phrase, eco-friendly tote bags are the perfect way to gain visibility. They also come in a variety of colors making it easy to create a design capable of complementing other company marketing efforts.

While the benefits of tote bags are known, not all designs are created equally. A tote bag can be made from multiple types of materials and not are all good for the environment. Eco-friendly designs are recyclable and do not leave any waste behind when handled properly at their end of use. Recyclable bags are a great way to position yourself as a business who practices sustainability. These items have abundant benefits from marketing to consumer appreciation.

How Does a Perfectly Designed Bag Help?

Eco-friendly tote bags deliver consistent marketing visibility because they go wherever the customer goes. Individuals often reuse these items to go to the beach, take walks, go on trips, and more. An eye-catching design offers the following marketing opportunities:

  • A Traveling Billboard – Much like a shirt with a logo, an eco-friendly tote bag maintains visibility as the customer uses it in their daily lives.
  • Promotional Support – Tote bags are the perfect item for quickly letting customers know of an upcoming promotion. T
  • Community Awareness – These items offer an opportunity to attend community events and get your name out there at the same time. Place promotional materials, health awareness pamphlets, and other items for each person at the event.

Eco-friendly tote bags deliver a perfect marketing space where creativity can be used to show off a business. They are a great choice for a short promotion, having a little fun with customers, and delivering important information about the business. Additional tactics such as finishing materials and custom printing methods can also be used to create the most unique design.

Drug Package offers several size and color choices when ordering eco-friendly tote bags. Our bags are made from 90+ GSM non-woven polypropylene and are recyclable. Each design offers a front and back print area that increases with size. If you have been considering this option for an upcoming promotion or just to advertise your business, call us today – 800-325-6137

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