Finding the Best Pharmacy Labels

The need for pharmacy labels is an obvious staple for medical buildings, pharmacy locations, and essentially anywhere prescriptions are provided. The correct printing, labeling, descriptions, and detailing of information is of extreme importance, as any misunderstanding of the label, or miscalculation of the intended dosage could lead to dire consequences for the customer taking the prescribed drug. Drug Package, Inc. prides itself as one of the leaders and innovators in designing and providing new label products for medical buildings and pharmacies. Our company remains a pioneer in this category by consistently keeping pace with the constantly changing technology involved in servicing today’s pharmacies. It is absolutely necessary to incorporate the best, most successful, and innovative pharmacy labeling devices available in order to prepare and package prescription orders. The latest in pharmacy labeling devices include an entire line of laser printing labels, thermal printing labels for direct or transfer printing, pin-fed labels, standard pharmacy labels, as well as commercial labels. Many other options also exist.

Pharmacy Label Catalog Download
Drug Package, Inc. offers label die configurations made available for all current software labeling programs, as well as stock or pre-printed prescription labels. Should your in-house labeling system require a different configuration from the ones previously mentioned, Drug Package has the necessary resources to produce a customized layout that can be designed to fit your company’s specific needs. Drug Package also offers high quality materials and adhesives for label production that will greatly enhance the clarity of printing, which are guaranteed to securely stick to drug containers, mailing cartons, and envelopes. As has been a problem in the past with issues of labels printing erroneously, Drug Package labels are designed to print through your printer without any issues or hassle.

The following will provide a list of the types of label printing methods available from Drug Package, Inc.:

  • Laser Device Label Printing.
  • Thermal Device Label Printing.
  • Computer Labeling Software that allows for developing the label and printing out the label on specialized paper.
  • Dual Web Form Labeling Software that operates similarly to the previously mentioned Computer Labeling Software, but with different functionalities.
  • Commercial Labeling Software.

Getting the proper label fit is just as important as the integrity of the label. All Drug Package labels come in a variety of size and color for your selection. We have hundreds of label types available in both sheet and roll format. For more information concerning the pharmacy labels, especially for those mentioned in this blog, please visit our Pharmacy Label Products page, where you can find a downloadable .pdf catalog. Our label product catalogs will describe in more detail the specific product information available, as well as providing visual imagery so you can be sure you are getting the product you need. Shop online today, or call our friendly sales representatives at 1-800-325-6137 to order.

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