Hand Sanitizer Bulk

Hand Sanitizer Bulk Supply

As businesses and schools begin to reopen, hand sanitizer in bulk supplies are becoming more and more sought after. Whether you are needing bulk supplies of individual bottles of hand sanitizer to place around your office, or large gallon jugs to refill dispensers, Drug Package can quickly supply you hand sanitizer bulk orders. As we have gone through the ups and downs of this pandemic, one thing that has been consistent is that people need hand sanitizer, and sometimes it can be hard to find. However, Drug Package has FDA approved formula hand sanitizer in stock and ready to ship in various bulk order configurations. While hand sanitizer does not replace the need to regularly wash our hands, it is an essential tool during this time to disinfect our hands to prevent the spread of germs when coming in contact with communal items and spaces. 

Benefits of our FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer Bulk Supplies:

  • 80% Alcohol – In order to be effective, hand sanitizers must be at least 60% alcohol by volume. Our hand sanitizer is 80% alcohol allowing for maximum germ killing ability.
  • Size Selection – We offer a range of bulk size orders from cases of individual 8oz bottles to 32, 64, and 128 oz screw top jugs.
  • Bulk Pricing – Bulk sizing allows for bulk pricing which allows you to get a high quality product for an affordable price.

Need to place a hand sanitizer bulk order?

If you need to order hand sanitizer in bulk Drug Package is here to help. For over a century Drug Package has been a leading provider of pharmacy and medical supplies, and during these uncertain times we are doing everything in our power to promote health and reduce the spread of the virus. To get a quote or get more information about our FDA approved hand sanitizer, contact us here.