Hand Sanitizer Virus Pharmacy Use

FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer for Pharmacy Use

As pharmacies start to return to normal hours and capacity, you will want to have a reliable and large supply of FDA approved hand sanitizer for pharmacy use on hand at all times. Hand sanitizer plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of covid-19 by reducing the sharing of germs and contaminating communal surfaces. When in public it can be hard to always have access to a sink to go wash your hands as often as you should. By strategically placing hand sanitizer around your pharmacy for employee and customer use you will be protecting yourself and others from picking up or contaminating other surfaces with dangerous germs and bacteria. If you are looking for an affordable supplier of hand sanitizer for pharmacy use, Drug Package can help you. 

Drug Package’s Bulk Hand Sanitizer for Pharmacy:


  • FDA Approved Formula – Drug Package’s hand sanitizer formula follows FDA guidelines and contains 80% alcohol by volume to kill effectively broad spectrum germs at the highest level. This formula also contains added moisturizer to prevent hands from becoming dry and irritated.
  • Bulk Inventory – Drug Package offers a variety of bulk supply sizes from cases of 8oz bottles to large 1 gallon screw top jugs, to accommodate a wide range of sanitizer needs.
  • Ready To Ship – All of Drug Package’s hand sanitizer supplies are currently in stock and ready to ship. During the peaks of this pandemic, it is sometimes hard to find hand sanitizer that is readily available, but Drug Package is ready to ship bulk hand sanitizer for pharmacy use today!


Need Hand Sanitizer for Pharmacy Use?

If you are looking to purchase bulk hand sanitizer for pharmacy use, contact Drug Package today! Our knowledgeable staff can help you to understand FDA guidelines and requirements, and supply you with a high quality supply of hand sanitizer to keep your pharmacy safe and healthy!