Hand Sanitizer and Mask

FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer In Stock

Are you having trouble finding bulk hand sanitizer in stock that is FDA approved? During this current covid-19 pandemic, it is periodically hard to find the hand sanitizer that you need, in stock, ready to purchase and ship. Hand sanitizer is crucial to protecting your employees and patrons as businesses begin to reopen, so you will want to consider having hand sanitizer available for use at various places throughout the workplace. If you are looking for a hand sanitizer supplier that has bulk orders of FDA approved hand sanitizer in stock and
ready to ship today, Drug Package can help.

Benefits of Drug Package’s Hand Sanitizer:

  • Highly Effective Formula – The FDA ha released specific guidelines for hand sanitizer formulas to follow, to achieve maximum germ killing effectiveness. Our formula strictly adheres to the guidelines, containing 80% alcohol by volume, and moisturizers to effectively sanitize and protect hands from dryness.
  • Immediate Availability – In some areas it is hard to find bulk hand sanitizer that is readily available. However, Drug Package’s bulk selections are all available and ready for immediate shipment.
  • Large Selection – Whether you are looking to provide all of your employees with their own individual bottles of hand sanitizer, or you want to strategically place hand sanitizer throughout your facility for customer use, Drug Package offers various bulk supply solutions for affordable prices.

Need to find hand sanitizer in stock?

If you are in need of hand sanitizer right away, contact Drug Package today! Drug Package
has been a leading provider of medical and pharmaceutical supplies for over a century, who has
the knowledge and experience to help you find the right supplies for your business, for an
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