Make Drive Up Pharmacy Service Simple with a Hang Up Bag System

In today’s climate of drive up and contactless service, all industries are learning to adapt to the new normal, including pharmacies. If you are feeling overwhelmed with how busy your pharmacy drive-up service has become, a hang up bag system can help you get organized and get into a steady rhythm during these stressful times. Hang up bag systems not only help you establish an organized rhythm, but also provide an added layer of safety for your consumers, as these systems are easy to read and help to prevent mix ups or incorrectly filled orders. If you are looking for a safe, easy to use, organizational system for your pharmacy or medical practice, a hang up bag system from Drug Package will help. 

Benefits of Drug Package’s Hang Up Bag Systems:

  • Color Coded – Drug Package’s Smartflow hang up bag system comes with four different colors to easily code bags by levels of urgency. With this color coded system in place it is easy to see which prescriptions are ready to go or need extra attention. This system helps to organize orders and prevent costly mistakes by increasing accuracy.
  • Efficient – This coded back system allows the pharmacists to easily and quickly comprehend the status of the prescription, any further action that needs to be taken, and what contents are in the hang up bag. This allows for quick and efficient workflow in addition to accuracy and organization.
  • Affordable – Drug Package’s Smartflow hang up bag systems are available in quantities from 10 to 200 bag units,  and bundle discounts for larger orders. These systems allow for easy organization that won’t break the bank.

Looking for the Best Hang Up Bag System?

If you are interested in organizing and increasing your pharmacy’s drive up efficiency with a hang up bag system, contact Drug Package today. Drug Package is a one stop shop for pharmacy supplies. With over a century of knowledge and experience to share with their customers, Drug Package is sure to help you find the tools you need to run a successful pharmacy. Get a quote here of contact us today to learn more!