SmartFlow Hang-Up Bags

Hang Up Bag Systems for Pharmacy

Hang up bag systems are great organizational tools for pharmacies which help improve wait times and customer service by making it easier to sort and find your customers’ prescriptions. Implementing the use of a hang up bag system in your pharmacy can prevent costly mistakes from being made in filling errors. These hang up bag systems will also keep customers safe, by helping to prevent any medication mix ups. Drug Package offers a color coded bag system that helps to categorize prescriptions by their level of urgency. This system offers four different colored hang up bags, red, yellow, green, and purple, which allow you to mark what orders may need extra attention or have special instructions before delivering them to your customer. Drug Package’s color coded hang up bags are durable, easy to use, spacious, and cost effective. Preventing just one error with these hang up bags can pay for the entire system.

Hang Up Bag Systems – Color Coding:

  • Red/Urgent – The Red bags are marked as urgent. These are prescriptions that should be filled first.
  • Yellow/Caution – These bags are marked yellow to proceed with caution. This means the patient is expected within the next few hours and the prescription must be filled by a certain time.
  • Purple/Attention – Purple bags are used for prescriptions that require extra attention. These prescriptions may contain expensive special orders, or unusual issue prescriptions.
  • Green/Relax – These bags are used for prescriptions that are not needing to be filled immediately, such as when the patient is not expected until the following day, so the prescription may be filled last.

Interested in Hang Up Bag Systems?

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