Hurricane Damage

Help for Our Customers in Hurricane Torn, Puerto Rico

To Our Beloved Pharmacy Label Customers in Puerto Rico…

We cannot imagine the devastation you have experienced from the recent hurricanes and storms. Our hearts go out to you and our prayers are with you. We recognize it is anything but, “busy as usual,” and things will be slow going for you, for some time to come. With that, we are trying by all means possible (via phone, fax, mail, social media outlets and our sales staff on the island) to establish communications with you.


If this message reaches you, and it’s possible to respond, please do so by whatever means possible and let us know what prescription labels you need. We will expedite them.

If you are reading this and know of a pharmacy that needs help, or cannot currently communicate for themselves, please share this message with them and help them, establish communications if you’re able to lend a hand in that regard.

For many, we have orders already produced and ready to go, that did not ship before the storms. For others, we can expedite your label printing.

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