How Can a Pharmacist Affect Drug Compliance?

pharmacists-medication-compliancePatient drug compliance is a major predictor of patient health outcomes and health care costs. When patients fail to take prescriptions as prescribed, the therapeutic benefits of the medicine are limited or non-existent. Consequently, the patient often schedules additional doctor appointments that could be avoided if the medication were taken correctly. A pharmacist can play an important role in preventing this situation by taking the measures below in advocacy of his or her customers.

Provide Information About Prescriptions
Using a Pharmacist as a resource for drug information is one great way to improve drug compliance. Pharmacists have an excellent grasp of general pharmacology and an understanding of the pharmacological profiles for specific medicines, they can answer questions about prescriptions that physicians don’t have time to address. By answering the questions, pharmacists increase customer confidence in medications, which supports drug compliance.

Implement Unique Medication Packaging
Sometimes, the use of special medication packaging alone is enough to ensure drug compliance. This is typically the case among patients who intend to take medication as prescribed but have trouble doing so for reasons such as motor impairment, memory problems. A pharmacist can help remove these barriers by dispensing medication in easy to open blister packs, clearly showing if and when you missed a dose – at a glance.

Have Doctors Deliver Electronic Scripts
According to a 2014 report from The New York Times that cites a recent drug compliance study from Harvard Medical School, “20 percent of first-time patient prescriptions were never filled.” One way around this problem is for pharmacists to request doctors to deliver electronic scripts using the pharmacy’s automated phone system for prescribers. With the right protocols in place, the script can be filled when received and the patient contacted when his prescription is ready.

Provide Independent Pharmacy Services
Independent pharmacies are often looped into the “mom and pop” business category, but they frequently offer sophisticated, prescription-related services that big name pharmacies do not, such as medicine compounding, the ability to order a wide array of brand name medications and generic medications from different manufacturers, and prescription delivery, to name a few.

These services help patients remain drug complaint by addressing complex dosing requirements, supplying customers with brand names or generics that work best for them, and ensuring that prescriptions don’t linger in plastic bags on the rack of prepared prescriptions.

Need Medicine Packaging for Drug Compliance?
Whether your pharmacy is a franchise in a large corporation, or it operates independently, using unique medication packaging that addresses the needs of special patient populations can be essential for increasing drug compliance. This is why Drug Package still creates innovative prescription packaging options after working for over a century in the pharmacy supply industry.

If you have technical questions about our line of products, including which prescription packaging options are ideal for specific patient populations, call us today at (800) 325-6137. If you know what you need and are ready to order, do it from the convenience of our online store. We look forward to helping you increase medication compliance among your customers!