SmartFlow Hang-Up Bags

Improve Pharmacy Efficiency with SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System

The traditional prescription fulfillment process involves placing the medications and labels in a tray. Trays have a higher risk of contamination, spills, and medication mix ups. A label can be placed in the wrong tray or a tray may get misplaced. Additionally, trays do not really convey the urgency of an order, which directly hinders the organizational capabilities of a pharmacy.

Many pharmacies are switching to a more efficient prescription fulfillment approach. Bagging systems deliver a secure method for organizing and managing patient medications. Hanging bags take up less space than trays as well as provide a sealed, hard to spill location. They can used to easily manage a large number of medications from start of fulfillment to patient pick-up based on urgency.

A Simple Solution for Better Results

The SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System provides peace of mind and structure to any pharmacy environment. Employees are able to know what prescriptions should filled based on urgency. Each bag has a specialized pouch for holding the label along with any additional information. This ensures the label remains with the patient’s medication throughout the entire process.

The SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System delivers an all-in-one, easy-to-use storage location for patient medications. Each prescription and the required labels may be placed in a color-coded bag:

  • Urgent
  • Caution
  • Relax
  • Attention

The color represents the urgency and can be used to manage this process easier. For example, purple conveys extra attention to decrease the risk of expensive medications from being filled and not picked up or purchased. The bag can be scanned during patient pickup to ensure the right prescription is removed.

The SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System reduces retrieval time for the patient as well as the risk of error. They deliver the following benefits to small and large pharmacies:

  • Easy to Follow Filing System
  • Color-Coded Prescriptions Based on Urgency
  • Clear Bags for Easy Identification
  • Improves Service Provided to Patients
  • Eliminates Medication Filling Errors

Pharmacies have been making the switch to better manage costs and the prescription filling process. Bagging systems improve employee performance by streamlining the overall workflow. Prioritizing prescriptions based on urgency eliminates patient frustration when they need the medicine quickly. The staff is able to focus on the most urgent prescriptions first and then work in a designated order without spending time thinking about what to fill next.

Drug Package, LLC offers the SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System as a dependable solution for managing prescriptions in pharmacies. Contact us today to learn more.

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