Laser Pharmacy Labels: How Can They Benefit Your Pharmacy?

Xerox Corporation pioneered laser printing technology in the 1960s. Since then, laser printing has gone from being a niche technology to a widely accepted practice in various industries, including the pharmacy industry. Switching from conventional pharmacy labels to laser pharmacy labels holds several benefits for pharmacies that are willing to make the change. Below are four excellent examples of how using laser printed labels can assist your pharmacy.

  1. High-Speed Printing

Compared to inkjet printers and dot matrix printers, digital printers work with exceptional speed. To quantify the point, consider that personal laser printers are capable of printing of roughly 24 pages per minute and nearly 2,000 pages a week with great efficiency. High-performance, commercial grade laser printers can work even faster. Implement a laser printing system and say goodbye to slow print rates that increase the wait time of pharmacy customers.

  1. No Printing Mistakes

In addition to working with great speed, laser printers create laser pharmacy labels with excellent accuracy, a benefit that results from the printers’ electrophotography technology. Applying ink directly to the label can create smears and blotches that obscure prescription information. Because they don’t use ink, laser printers avoid this type of mistake. In doing so, they help support productivity by reducing rework that results from poorly printed labels.

  1. Quiet Printing Process

Unlike old printing technologies for prescription labels, such as inkjet printing and dot matrix printing, laser printing delivers a quiet printing process. Pharmacies experience several forms of noise as they go about dispensing prescriptions, from placing pills in bottles to consulting with customers. Laser printers remove the racket associated with older printing technologies and make the pharmacy environment a more pleasant place for pharmacists and customers.

  1. User-Friendly Printers

Laser printers don’t require you to replace ink reservoirs or ink ribbons, which helps reduce the barrier of entry for properly maintaining the equipment. When the print on laser printed labels starts to fade, simply replace the easy-to-install toner cartridge and return to printing. The job can be often done by pharmacy employees instead of a third party printer technician. This arrangement helps pharmacies save money on operating costs and add to the bottom line.

Save Money With a Stocking Program
Speaking of saving money, one of the most cost effective ways for pharmacies to migrate from an old printing technology to laser printing technology is to purchase laser pharmacy labels in bulk. Switching to laser printing requires upfront investments for new equipment, employee training, and new prescription labels, but the cost of the changeover is reduce when you order labels through a supplier that offers a label stocking program, such as Drug Package.

To learn how much you could save on laser label printing costs by using our stocking program, call us at (800) 325-6137, or request a quote here, today. If necessary, we can even create custom labels that meet your unique needs, and supply the product on an ongoing basis through the program. We look forward to helping you support your system for laser pharmacy labels!