Long Term Care Medication Carts

LTC Medication Carts – Design and Features Significantly Impact Performance

Medication distribution for long term care or health service facilities is an important process. A single mistake can be detrimental to the business and the individual taking the medication. LTC medication carts are designed to help nurses or other individuals in the field manage and dispense pills to multiple individuals within the facility.

While helpful, the design of the cart plays a significant role in how effectively this process is carried out. They need to be able to hold the right amount of punch cards for the serviced number of residents. Additionally, they must provide features to securely store dangerous medications or other items. If your LTC medication carts do not provide the necessary features and are not easy to use, then medication distribution will be negatively impacted.

What Features are Essential?

Every LTC medication cart comes with a standard set of features including divided drawers, a writing surface, a waste unit, and the ability to hold a defined capacity of punch cards. These are all essential elements when dispensing medicine to a large number of individuals throughout the day. However, these additional features deliver increased benefits including:

  • Narcotic Box with Secure Lock
  • Cart Stability Features to Prevent Tipping
  • Syringe and/or Glove Disposal Unit
  • Drawer ID Labels and Identifiers
  • Security Features such as Keyless Locking

The above features increase security, usability, and safety as medication is provided to each resident or patient. A number of choices are available from LTC medication cart manufacturers and the decisions made when purchasing them should be based on specific needs. Certain options work better to dispense pills in a specific environment thus making it important to understand your needs. The variety of features can be overwhelming to new and seasoned buyers.

If you have been wanting to invest in LTC medication carts and assist staff with this important daily process, our team at Drug Package can go over these options with you. We understand how important this decision is and want to make certain you get the right brand, style, and features. Contact our staff today to discuss our available LTC medication cart brands and options.

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